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5 Interesting Facts About Roman Reigns You Won't Believe Are True

Abid Khan
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The Big Dog could return in style
The Big Dog could return in style

With the world of professional wrestling always relying on creating superstars who carry an unparalleled disposition, Roman Reigns has ascended to become the most polarizing superstar in Vince McMahon's billion dollar company.

The former Universal Champion has been an influential figure and has remained a pivotal component in some of the most major angles playing out on WWE television.

Despite being the face of the WWE, the Big Dog's revelation of suffering from Leukemia shocked the entire world of professional wrestling which coerced the face of the company to relinquish his Universal Championship.

While the Samoan did replace John Cena to take the WWE forward, his temporary departure has left Vince's billion dollar corporation without such a polarizing personality.

Having headlined so many pay-per-views and being a major name in the entire world of professional wrestling, the former Universal Champion is now enjoying his life outside of the business whilst recovering to return back to the squared circle.

With Roman currently working in entertainment projects and attending fan events for the WWE, there are insights to the member of the Shield the fans may still not know.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep and analyze the 5 interesting facts about Roman Reigns you won't believe are true.

#1 He would love to turn heel to feud with Daniel Bryan someday

The Big Dog loves the WWE Champion
The Big Dog loves the WWE Champion

Despite being such an authentic personality outside of the squared circle, there's no denying that Roman Reigns has his fair share of critics in the wrestling business.


While the fans in Philadelphia literally yearned to see the Big Dog win the Royal Rumble in 2014, the WWE Universe literally turned their backs on the Samoan when he won the Rumble in the same place in 2015.

Considering that the fans were so heavily invested in seeing Bryan reach to the top of the industry again, they saw Roman Reigns as a major roadblock in Bryan's road to WrestleMania.

With Vince McMahon wanting to propel Reigns as the one to replace John Cena, Bryan's early elimination in the bout coerced the entire audience inside the Wells Fargo Center to completely reject the Big Dog's coronation.

The fans completely lost their patience and vehemently criticized the company's booking which led the WWE management to push Bryan again as a contender to face Roman at Fastlane.

Both the superstars told such a gripping tale by beating the holy hell out of each other, and while Bryan did push the Big Dog to the limit, the Royal Rumble winner ultimately got the win.

However, in an interview with ESPN UK in 2018, Roman openly stated his love for the current WWE Champion and expressed his intentions of only turning heel in a feud with Daniel Bryan.

The former Universal Champion admitted his unending adulation for Bryan and judging by the way he remains open to turning heel against an underdog like Bryan, do you think we could see these two tussle it out with Reigns working as an antagonist?

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