5 interesting facts about Sin Cara

Sin Cara
Sin Cara
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When Sin Cara first arrived in WWE, he was projected as the masked Superstar who would become the next Rey Mysterio and carry his legacy forward. However, things did not plan out accordingly and lack of consistent story-lines and feuds besmirched the novelty of Cara.

Now, it has become clear that Sin Cara will never carry the torch of Mysterio as he was officially granted his release from the company on December 8, 2019. The 42-year-old Superstar first asked for his release on November 11, 2019.

He clarified that despite all the opportunities that he was granted in WWE and how grateful he will forever be to the company, he still felt that they were not adequate for him and wanted to extend his career elsewhere. It was also rumored that WWE offered him to move to 205 Live but he rejected the proposal and as a result was forced to make sporadic appearances between RAW and SmackDown.

However, Sin Cara is fortunate enough to have his release granted within one month and will now look forward to taking his craft along with him on a different promotion.

Even though his career in WWE did not pan out the way he wanted it to be, we will take a look at five interesting facts that many might have not known about the high flyer from Mexico.

#5 There have been two versions of Sin Cara

Sin Cara Negro and Sin Cara Azul battling it out
Sin Cara Negro and Sin Cara Azul battling it out

For those unaware, the character of Sin Cara has been portrayed by two persons in WWE. The man behind the mask who got released by WWE, Jorge Arias is not the same person who debuted for the company in 2011.

No, that person is Luis Urive. A fellow Mexican professional wrestler like Arias, Urive was the original Sin Cara who used to go by the name of Mistico in Mexican promotions. Arias made his main roster debut on August 12, 2011, episode of SmackDown when he portrayed Sin Cara for the first time in place of Urive, as the latter was suspended by WWE for violating their wellness policy.


Arias' version then turned heel and termed himself as 'Sin Cara Negro' and confronted the original Sin Cara termed as 'Sin Cara Azul'. Azul would then defeat Negro and unmask him.

After getting unmasked, Arias got renamed to Hunico and continued his feud with Urive's Sin Cara. Urive then left WWE in 2014 and since then Arias has been portraying the masked character until now.

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Published 10 Dec 2019, 01:30 IST
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