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Top 5 "Iron Men" in WWE today

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What a performance!
What a performance!

Some superstars were meant to be in the ring for short periods of time. Others could seemingly fight forever. Over the years we have seen guys be in the Royal Rumble match for over an hour, men such as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart went into overtime in iron man matches, and some matches just took a long time to decide a winner.

There are superstars in WWE today who fit the bill. Men and women who have wrestled all show long and completely stolen the show. Ironmen of the past such as Hart, Michaels, Triple H, and Chris Jericho have set the stage for the guys and girls who do it today. Here are the five workhorses or iron men of WWE today.

5: John Cena

But he still sucks.
Let's go Cena, Cena sucks

Say what you want about Mr.Cena, but he has been in a lot of long matches in his storied career, including a 55 minute match with Shawn Michaels on RAW. More recently His appearance in the RAW gauntlet match was pretty lengthy. As well as an iron man match against Randy Orton in 2009. He has put in a ton of work over the years. The resume speaks for itself with a lot of long Wrestle Mania matches in his past.

As well as some other long pay per view matches to add on such as his Money in the Bank match with CM Punk. Not many can say they have been iron men as long as Cena can. He is the oldest guy on the list. He still does superhuman things fifteen years later. How much longer can he retain the label of an iron man?

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