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5 Legends that inspired other WWE Superstars

Sammy Sheeran
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Sasha pays homage to her inspiration

In the world of professional wrestling, many professional wrestlers grow up idolizing other superstars. This can lead to these superstars imitating their favourites when they break into the business.

Some wrestlers like to pay homage to their favourites that may have inspired them to become what they are today.

Sometimes it doesn’t even take a superstar to grow up idolizing another, sometimes wrestlers can grow close to other wrestlers in the business and become the best of friends and this can lead them paying homage to their friend.

Here we take a look at 5 wrestlers that pay homage to others with the body of work.

#5 Wade Barret pays homage to Mick Foley

“Bang Bang”

Mick Foley, as far as doctors are concerned, should and will not wrestle again. After years of giving everything he had to the business it all got too much and he now has to enjoy a life of retirement from in-ring action.

In a match between The Miz on the April 8th edition of Monday night Raw in 2013, Wade hit The Miz with Mick’s patented elbow drop to the outside of the ring. Before hitting the move Barrett even shot the pistols with his fingers to the crowd signalling that it was, in fact, Mick Foley that he was paying homage to.

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