5 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees that didn't add up 

The Godfather: Surprisingly enshrined into the Hall of Fame in 2016
The Godfather: Surprisingly enshrined into the Hall of Fame in 2016
Paul Benson

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The WWE Hall of Fame was established way back in 1993, originally as a way to pay tribute to the passing of much loved WWE legend, Andre the Giant who had died two months earlier.

It was a wonderful idea in theory as the company sought to celebrate the three decade history of the promotion by celebrating the legends of it's past. However, in practice the Hall of Fame was somewhat more problematic.

The focal reason for this was that many of the stars that McMahon would have chosen to induct into his Hall of Fame were unavailable due to the fact they worked for his competition in WCW and ECW. Names like Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Bobby Heenan, Gene Okerlund, Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk would have been perfect candidates in the mid-1990s.

With his wrestling company in a major battle for survival, McMahon tried to keep up with the financial might of Ted Turner's WCW as well as defending himself against the United States Government. Therefore, paranoia was rife on McMahon's part and he turned to his trusted allies when choosing who to induct into the 1994-96 Hall of Fall ceremonies.

This meant that the company inducted some names that were lacking in star power.

There was little promotion on television, which was probably for the best as many fans would have been decidedly underwhelmed by many of the choices for induction in the dark days of the Hall of Fame.

In more contemporary years, WWE have also made several curious choices for it's Hall of Fame. There is a a popular meme online which states if Koko B. Ware can be inducted in the Hall of Fame, then anyone is eligible.

Although Koko is not Hall of Fame worthy, there are more undeserving inductees in the Hall of Fame than him. SK looks at five of them in this slideshow as we analyse the worst WWE Hall of Famers of all time.

#5 The Godfather (2016)

The Godfather: Shock inductee in 2016
The Godfather: Shock inductee in 2016

The Godfather is one of those wrestlers who was a longtime loyal member of the roster, having debuted for the company way back in 1991 as Voodoo Priest, Papa Shango. The Shango character was inspired by the villains from 1973 James Bond flick, Live and Let Die and was literally two decades behind the times.

Shango disappeared from screens in 1993 and Charles Wright, the man who portrayed him was repackaged as Kama, an MMA-type character, inspired by UFC fighter, Kimo.

Again, this persona was a failure and Wright, who joined the Nation of Domination in 1997, gradually transitioned into the Godfather; a Pimp who offered out his ladies for free to other wrestlers and referees.

Finally, this character was a success and Godfather gained traction with the fan-base and was of the most memorable mid-card acts of the Attitude Era. This took him to the Intercontinental Title for a short run in spring 1999.

However, the Godfather was relatively short lived as an act as he became the Goodfather in late 2000 as he renounced his pimping days and joined Right to Censor.

He achieved little in this role and was phased out as a character in 2001 and only made sporadic, nostalgia appearances in the years since. With only two moderately successful years in WWE in the full decade he was employed as a full time performer, Godfather did not possess a Hall of Fame level CV.

However, loyalty counts for much in McMahon land and this was the principle reason why he received an undeserved Hall of Fame nod in 2016.


#4 Hillbilly Jim (2018)

Hillbilly Jim: Rewarded for his loyalty in 2018
Hillbilly Jim: Rewarded for his loyalty in 2018

There were many heads being scratched when Hillbilly Jim of all people was announced as an inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 ahead of true wrestling legends such as: Vader, The British Bulldogs and The Rock.

However, WWE chose to enshrine the native of Mud Lick, Kentucky, who's only real claim to fame is his memorable entrance theme.

Jim debuted in the company as an excitable fan who was eventually trained for in ring competition by Hulk Hogan. After tagging with Hogan for a short period, Jim segued into tagging with other names of the era.

Usually Hogan's pals would turn on him and challenge him for the WWF Championship. The fact that Jim didn't spoke volumes about WWE's faith in him as a drawing card and performer.

Jim became an opening match act, often used to put new signings over. That was a position he held until he retired in 1991. Jim then moved into a backstage position with WWE; one that he held for two decades. That loyalty was what earned him his ticket to the Hall of Fame; not his wrestling career.


#3 Johnny Rodz

Johnny Rodz (r): Entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996
Johnny Rodz (r): Entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996

Johnny Rodz was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996. Due to the lack of names available for induction, this marked the final Hall of Fame ceremony in WWE for eight years.

The reason why WWE took a break from the Hall Of Fame was that they were forced to induct lowly jobber to the stars, Johnny Rodz into the Hall of Fame to pad out the ceremony.

Rodz had wrestled in the company for two decades and was the definition of a company man, which is why he was chosen.

For a contemporary comparison, Rodz would be the equivalent to The Brooklyn Brawler being inducted today or Curt Hawkins being enshrined two decades from now. Rodz in the Hall of Fame does not fit and should not have happened.

In truth, Vince McMahon should have probably suspended the Hall of Fame one year earlier.


#2 Baron Mikel Scicluna

Baron Mikel Scicluna: Another ludicrous 1996 inductee
Baron Mikel Scicluna: Another ludicrous 1996 inductee

Oh boy! Baron Mikel Scicluna.

1996 was a rough year for the WWE Hall of Fame. Inducted, alongside Rodz, Scicluna was another beneficiary of the WWE company loyalty card.

Scicluna joined the company in the mid 1960s and was an occasional challenger to Bruno Sammartino and Pedro Morales during their WWWF title reigns but was primarily an opening match act and if it wasn't for his undeserved enshrinement into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 1996, then he would be a name that is forgotten to history.

Virtually every member of the current WWE roster has achieved more in their career than Scicluna ever did. As it is, his is a name that is infamous solely for his Hall of Fame induction, nothing that was achieved during his uneventful two decade career.

If it wasn't for one totally ludicrous induction, Scicluna's case for worst WWE Hall of Famer would be unrivalled.


#1 James Dudley

James Dudley was inducted into the 1994 WWE Hall of Fame class
James Dudley was inducted into the 1994 WWE Hall of Fame class

Who? You would be forgiven if you do not recognise the name of James Dudley. No one knew who he was back in 1994 either when he was announced as an inductee in that year's Hall of Fame class.

Dudley was Vince McMahon Sr's limo driver. That was almost the only service he provided to the McMahon family. Unless the company plan to add a "Limo Driver Wing" to it's Hall of Fame, then his induction will remain the most ridiculous in WWE history.

WWE's revisionist history has attempted to bulk up Dudley's credentials by claiming he was the first African-American to run a major arena in the United States as a promoter but in reality he performed largely menial tasks backstage such as counting ticket sales and acting as a glorified gopher for the McMahon family.

By all accounts he was a pleasant man, was loyal, worked hard and never complained and thus the McMahon's way of thanking him was to award him a Hall of Fame berth.

For those people who believe in the Hall of Fame as a pinnacle of one's profession, Dudley's induction is one that sits well with virtually nobody.

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