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Ricky Steamboat


Family and Origin:

Ricky Steamboat went to school in New York, and there he was on the school wrestling

team. He was a Florida State Champion in wrestling before making his initial debut in

American Wrestling Association.

Wrestling Territories:

Steamboat wrestled in the then-Wrestling Territories including Championship Wrestling and

American Wrestling Association. He then went on to wrestle for National Wrestling

Association’s Jim Crockett Wrestling Promotions. Ricky Steamboat would wrestle there for

the next eight years and develop a high-flying wrestling style which was hardly ever seen

back then. During his time there, he would feud most significantly with Ric Flair and captured

multiple titles.


Ricky Steamboat would spend a large amount of time in WWE, during which he would

develop his wrestling style further, and would be given the moniker of Ricky ‘The Dragon’

Steamboat by Mr. McMahon, a gimmick he stuck with for the rest of his career.

Ricky Steamboat would also feud for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title during his time in

the company, and would win the title.

Ricky Steamboat would depart WWE and go to other companies for a while due to

differences with management. He returned to the company in 1991 again, a run during which

he would stay completely undefeated. He would leave yet again to go back to WCW.

Ricky Steamboat’s next run with WWE would be in 2005, where he wrestled against Chris

Jericho and then took a more backstage role.


Ricky Steamboat had two runs in WCW. He would win a number of titles, including the WCW

Television title and the United States Title as well as the WCW Tag Team titles.

Ricky Steamboat was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

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