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5 Major WWE Matches That Lasted For A Few Seconds 

The Rock was in one of these matches.
The Rock was in one of these matches.
Modified 13 Jun 2019, 05:42 IST
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The most interesting thing about wrestling to most people is the theatrics that goes on outside the ring. As the drama that goes on backstage, the aesthetics of pay-per-views and the wrestler's personal lives are somewhat interesting to fans.

But, to the fans of professional wrestling that just want to watch two highly skilled athletes prove themselves in the squared circle, the actual structuring, booking and overall in-ring mechanics of the bout are all important to the success of the product.

However, sometimes the wrestling enthusiasts don't get that in-ring classic that they so dearly crave, as WWE and other promotions emphasise the entertainment side to wrestling rather than the actual wrestling, and this bears some truly fascinating results.

Today we will look at one of the outcomes from bookers taking risks, as here are some matches that lasted only a few seconds, and the funny thing about these matches was the fact that they were somewhat important for the company moving forward.

#5 Rey Mysterio vs JBL

Mysterio surprised JBL.
Mysterio surprised JBL.

The WrestleMania match between JBL and Rey Mysterio lasted only twenty-one seconds, and for reference, The Undertaker's entrance is about more than ten times longer than that clash. So, imagine watching this match live, only to realise it's over before it even started.

Moreover, this IC Championship match became infamous for more than just its runtime, as it marked the final time we would see JBL wrestle in the WWE, and it seemed WWE didn't roll out the red carpet for the former WWE Champion.

JBL had been sidelined for years due to injuries, and it seemed that it was time for the former WWE Champion to hang up his wrestling boots for good. As for the man that ended his career, Rey Mysterio went on to have a great feud with Chris Jericho that truly elevated the IC Championship.

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Published 13 Jun 2019, 05:42 IST
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