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5 men who could eliminate Kurt Angle from the Royal Rumble if he returns

If the former Olympic Gold medalist miraculously shows up, here's who should eliminate him.

Kurt Angle could return at the Rumble

Yes, I know the former Olympic Gold medallist has played down the possibility of a Royal Rumble appearance, but in the WWE, you just never know what the truth is. Perhaps he's playing it down to the increase the shock value on Sunday? We’ll see.

At the age of 48, Angle is still as agile as ever. He has more years in the tank and his star power is still present for all to see.

So why not use Angle to give a rub to younger talents, thus making them into household names? At the Rumble, you never know who could be standing behind the gorilla position but I know every single WWE fan is praying the Attitude Era icon makes his way through those curtains.

When/if he does, there'll be several superstars waiting to make their name at his expense. Here are 5 men who could eliminate Kurt Angle from the Royal Rumble if he returns on Sunday.

#5 Big E

Big E in the ring on Monday Night Raw
Big E can bench press over 575lbs 

From a dominant heel to a comedy act. Big E's WWE career so far has been somewhat of a never-ending rollercoaster, a rollercoaster that I'm sure he wants to get off. Going down as one of the most dominant heel champions in NXT history, Big E's in-ring career promised so much at the start.

It's long rumoured that when Vince McMahon was contemplating his next face of the company, the inventor of the 5-count was one of the final contenders with Roman Reigns. As it turned out, the 30-year old has gone on to provide comedy on Monday nights while the latter has won several world titles.

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Of course, his career hasn't been all bad, but it just could have been so much more. Personally, I think a guy with his size and charisma should be a dominant heel running riot over the roster.

Ruining the return of one of the most loved WWE legends would set up that much-anticipated heel turn. First, he could eliminate his New Day brethren and then, just to consolidate his new heel nature, he could toss out Kurt Angle.

Come on, you know it makes sense.

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