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5 incorrect booking decisions that were made on RAW 

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What could WWE have done differently on Raw this week?
What could WWE have done differently on Raw this week?

The first Raw of the new year needed to be explosive, as WWE needed to show fans that the new era they had promised was not another excuse to cover up for their bad booking, and for the most part this show delivered some thrilling moments, but overall it was still the same old Raw with the same old booking.

This should have been WWE hitting the reset button on Raw, as Raw in 2018 was often a lacking wrestling show, and what is most surprising is that this show had the tools to make an impact for the rest of the year.

As the return of Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Brock Lesnar should have been enough to create a compelling show around, but it clearly was not.

#1 The Tag Team Division is still in shambles

How many times will The Revival fall to this trope?
How many times will The Revival fall to this trope?

The Revival was a pair of interesting prospects down in NXT, as the creative team of the 'developmental' brand showed more interest in getting Dash and Dawson to their full potential than the Raw creative has ever shown.

And that is a sad sight, as this week on Raw, The Revival took on Chad Gable and Bobby Roode for the Raw Tag Team Championship, and instead of WWE letting these men put on a defining match that could pave the way for the Raw tag team division's resurgence, we got Gable and Roode winning via a blunder made by the referee. When will the time come when WWE realize that tag team wrestling needs to be booked with more thought and care?

#2 Ambrose is still booked incorrectly

. What has happened to this heel turn?
. What has happened to this heel turn?

Dean Ambrose has been booked strangely from the time he turned heel, and it is a painful experience to watch how many opportunities WWE has squandered in making him an engaging star.

As this week on Raw, Ambrose was thrown into a generic six-man tag team match with Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.


Isn't Ambrose supposed to be a lone wolf who does things according to his own terms? Isn't he a man that put an end to his brotherhood with the Shield is he could branch off on his own?

Then why is he teaming with two men that wanted to destroy him a few months ago? Moreover, the fact that Ambrose had to defeat Seth Rollins via help from Bobby Lashley in the main event of Raw, just sells him as a cheap heel and that isn't what WWE should be going for.

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