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5 most disappointing MITB cash-ins

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The briefcase should be prestigious

For over twelve years now, the honour of being called Mr Money in the Bank is something that’s been passed around several different mid carders and main eventers, with varying degrees of success. Some have used it to springboard into relevancy, meanwhile, others crumbled under the pressure of bad booking and high expectations.

It’s a vicious cycle that seems to throw up a variety of different results, and in this instance, we’d like to talk about those who didn’t quite live up to the billing when it came to their actual cash-in. Over the years, we’ve seen the likes of Rollins and Ziggler shock the world with their tremendous title winning efforts, but on the opposite end of the scale, we’ve had some cash-ins that were best left to the imagination.

It’s a shame that we even have to make a list like this because MITB is something that should be impossible to screw up. Still, they’ve managed it several times, and with this year’s edition of the event right around the corner, the smart money suggests they’re going to do it again.

With that being said here are the five most disappointing MITB cash-ins.

#1 Jack Swagger

Swagger was pushed too fast, too soon

The All-American Jack Swagger was tipped for greatness during the early days of his WWE career, with his in-ring talent masking over the fact that he didn’t really have too much of a personality to speak of. Still, that didn’t stop the company from slapping the MITB briefcase on him – and the cash-in itself was even worse.

After failing to cash-in on John Cena shortly after Mania, Swagger ended up defeating Chris Jericho to capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

He hadn’t really earned it, there was no build up, and his eventual reign disappeared into the darkness after a string of mediocre performances.

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