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5 most emotional WWE video packages

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Bryan retired from in-ring wrestling last year

The video packages that WWE create are potentially the most underrated thing about the entire company, as within the span of a few minutes they can make even the most pessimistic fan to become very excited. Unfortunately, that’s not the only requirement in their line of work given the nature of the pro wrestling business.

More often than not they have to string together historic pieces of footage in order to honour the memory of a superstar, meanwhile, in other instances, they’re doing it because of a retirement or a Hall of Fame induction. Whatever the case may be it always makes for tragic yet compelling viewing for the audience, and we applaud the company because of that.

However, crying tears of either joy or sadness aren't something that most people enjoy admitting to so we’re holding WWE accountable for every single entry on this list. Do some of us go back and listen to them regularly in order to reminisce about wrestling times gone by? Come on, you all know the answer to that one – a resounding YES.

With that being said, here are the five most emotional WWE video packages.

#5 Bryan retirement

When Daniel Bryan rode off into the sunset, many fans could barely contain their heartbreak. After all, the guy was still young enough to compete at the highest level, and the leader of the Yes Movement was undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars in the last few decades.

It was arguably one of the biggest losses in terms of retirements that we’ve experienced in years.

What made it worse, however, was the beautifully poetic tribute video that WWE produced for Mr Goat Face himself. It showed his journey from the very beginning in WWE all the way up til WrestleMania 30 and beyond, and they did it in a way that would ensure nobody would ever forget the name, Daniel Bryan.

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