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5 Most goosebump inducing WWE entrances

Riju Dasgupta
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These five entrances will send a chill up your spine

WWE, in essence, is so much more than in-ring action. We adore this art form to no end because it is a style of entertainment that gives us a lot more than any sport can- truly magical stories and a chance to lose oneself in fantasy.

An integral component of each character is his/her entrance. When the music hits, and the wrestler makes his/her down the ramp, it gives the audience a chance to immerse themselves in this otherworldly experience. Many entrances through time have become iconic, but few can send chills down our spine.

Read on, as we present five entrances that give us goosebumps every single time. 

Honourable Mention: Bobby Roode

While it’s too soon to be iconic, Bobby Roode’s Takeover Brooklyn entrance was ‘glorious’

Bobby Roode has taken the NXT Universe by storm. Not only is he a great hand inside the ring, his entrance has been making waves all over the world. While his ‘Glorious’ theme song harks back to the sound of bands such as Queen; Roode’s entrance at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II was truly ‘Glorious’.

With a choir of singers voicing his theme song, Roode walked the ramp with pomp, pride and swagger. Nobody who saw it happen will ever forget the glory of the moment. In case you missed it, check this link.

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