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5 most underrated WWE finishers

A good finishing move in professional wrestling always makes for a solid match ending.

Corbin uses his finisher brilliantly

In the WWE, there's a tendency for things to be overused, whether they’re catchphrases, advertisements or perhaps even finishing moves.

Everything gets diluted down to the point that members of the WWE Universe just aren't interested in them anymore, and that's definitely the case with the finishers in particular.

Pulling off and protecting a decent finisher is a lost art nowadays, with the majority of big time matches featuring several kick-outs as opposed to building up to one use of the move.

It's a good tactic to be used sparingly, but when it occurs on a week to week basis then it causes fans to throw a lot of those finishers to the side and label them as "weak" or "not that effective".

It's a common trait among the "smart" fanbase within the internet wrestling community and it's something that will likely never subside. However, it's still interesting to look down the roster at some finishers that don't get the adulation that they truly deserve.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five of the most underrated WWE finishers.

#1 End of Days - Baron Corbin

End of Days is an extremely effective move

A lot of people refer to this as Corbin simply "rock bottoming” himself, when in reality the move is a whole lot more than that.

The momentum that swings the opponent back before thrusting them down towards the canvas is extremely impactful, and it's a shame to see how far it's fallen considering how many people were raving about it when Corbin debuted down in NXT.

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It has put away a lot of top talent and ever since Corbin was promoted to the main roster, it has helped to make him look a lot stronger. The move can really be hit out of nowhere, and the wrestler can use clever reversals, counters or even a simple set-up to initiate it, with it being similar to the RKO in that sense.

If WWE wants Corbin to be a star, keeping the End of Days as his finishing move would be a good place to start.

Moving over to Raw with a finisher that's a little bit "booty".

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