5 must-see feuds for Mustafa Ali on WWE NXT - Record-breaking champion, future main roster star

Mustafa Ali shockingly appeared on the most recent episode of WWE NXT
Mustafa Ali shockingly appeared on the most recent episode of WWE NXT

Mustafa Ali shocked the WWE Universe when he appeared on the most recent episode of NXT on USA Network. The talented star walked out through the crowd a la Scott Hall before eventually joining the commentary booth.

Ali just recently had a memorable experience in Saudi Arabia where he received a lot of love from the fans. He then went on to have a fantastic bout with Gunther, but ultimately came up short.

Many wondered what was next for Ali following his loss, but all was revealed when he walked out during a tag team match featuring Tyler Bate and Wes Lee battling Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid. After the bout, he even helped the popular two singles stars fight off The Schism.

While it remains to be seen how long the free agent will remain on NXT, there's a chance that he will stay on the brand for a while. If he does, there's several major feuds he can have moving forward. This article will look at five of the most must-see options.

Below are five must-see feuds for Mustafa Ali on WWE NXT.

#5. Ali likely wants Wes Lee's North American Championship

Wes Lee is one of the most likable WWE Superstars in the industry today. He started working in the company as a member of MSK but has since found success as a hard working babyface who won't ever quit.

Lee recently made history by becoming the longest reigning NXT North American Champion. He's also a two-time NXT Tag Team Champion, having won the gold alongside Nash Carter prior to the latter being released by WWE last year.

Mustafa Ali watching the tag team bout featuring Wes Lee is likely a major indicator of what his plans are. The Disruptor almost certainly wants to capture the North American Championship and he probably should be the one to dethrone Wes.

#4. Ilja Dragunov and Ali will have incredible fights

Ilja Dragunov is a unique WWE Superstar who stands out among the rest. He's a former United Kingdom Champion, having the distinction of being the man who dethroned Gunther, then known as WALTER.

The former United Kingdom Champion was recently involved in an intense feud with Dijak. The two had what was seemingly their blowoff at NXT Battleground and the bout was one of the most hellacious fights in recent memory. Ilja proved his ability to those who had been previously unfamiliar with his work.

A fight between Mustafa Ali and Ilja Dragunov could be incredibly special. Dragunov is having incredible brawls and Ali has proven to be very capable in emotional bouts, especially while on 205 Live. The pair could pull off one of the best WWE matches of the year if given the opportunity.

#3. Tyler Bate and Mustafa would have incredible matches

Tyler Bate on NXT
Tyler Bate on NXT

Tyler Bate is an incredibly impressive superstar. He joined WWE at a young age, being just 19 years old, and instantly won the United Kingdom Championship. Now, at 26, his future is still likely very bright.

The Big Strong Boi is no stranger to success in WWE. He's a former NXT Tag Team Champion, but more impressive is his dominance on NXT UK. While on the brand, he won the United Kingdom Championship, NXT UK Tag Team Titles, and the NXT Heritage Cup.

It wasn't just Wes Lee that Mustafa Ali was watching on the most recent episode of NXT, so the two clashing certainly seems possible. Since Bate wants to win the North American Championship, perhaps he and Ali could feud over who can fight Wes for the title next.

#2. Mustafa Ali could sell well for Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker
Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is one of the most intense superstars in WWE. He is the son of Rick Steiner and the nephew of former WCW Champion Scott Steiner. Despite his similarities to both men, he has been forging his own name in the industry.

The Big Bad Booty Nephew was the face of NXT 2.0 upon WWE rebranding the show. He then continued to be the face of NXT once it reverted back to the white and gold. Simply put, he has dominated the brand for the past two years.

Mustafa Ali could be the perfect person to help groom Bron ahead of his inevitable main roster debut. If Breakker is moving to RAW or SmackDown later this year, nobody can help him prepare better than The Disruptor. Plus, Ali could sell for Bron's offense better than almost any other superstar.

#1. Carmelo Hayes is the top dog of WWE NXT

Carmelo Hayes is the face of the white and gold brand. He first signed with WWE after wrestling on the indie scene and quickly debuted on 205 Live. He has since risen to the top of developmental.

The A-Champ captured the NXT Championship at NXT Stand & Deliver 2023. He dethroned Bron Breakker for the belt and then went on to defeat Bron in a rematch at Battleground. He is seemingly set to feud with Baron Corbin next.

If Mustafa Ali wants to fight anybody on NXT, there's no better option than Carmelo Hayes. The WWE NXT Championship is the most prestigious belt on the brand, so it should be everybody's primary goal. Plus, Ali and Hayes would put on an incredible bout. The only question is: who would be the heel in the bout? Both stars could pull it off, though.

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