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5 of the most devastating looking finishers in WWE currently

  • Any one of these moves can turn your 'lights' off.
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Beware of the Claymore!
Beware of the Claymore!

A 'finisher' should be the most devastating and lethal weapon in a wrestler's arsenal if you go by pure, unadulterated wrestling terms. It should be enough to get the Superstar the three count over his opponent and look legitimate enough to put him/her away.

Finishers play a vital role in the popularity of a Superstar among the WWE Universe. One can only wonder whether Roman Reigns would be more popular if he had a deadly finisher, instead of the rather overused Spear.

Throughout the ages, we have been blessed to witness some awe-inspiring finishing maneuvers by wrestlers having very different wrestling styles. While some of them may truly be destructive, some depend on how the opponent sells the move too (the image of The Rock sprawling all over the ring after taking Steve Austin's Stunner comes to mind).

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As compared to the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era, the onus on wrestling skills has increased manifold and the WWE Universe expects all the moves, specially the finishers and signatures, to be immaculate. In a rooster boasting of the likes of AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan, it is not hard to see why this expertise is expected.

The finishers (or signatures) of the top guys in the company right now are all quick-to-execute ones, which can have the 'outta-nowhere' tag associated with them, which in turn does wonders in building up rivalries during promos and contract signings. The Phenomenal Forearm was used to give a heel-ish outlook to Styles in his rivalry with Seth Rollins, who has in turn used the Curb Stomp from time to time to agitate opponents by sneaking up on them. Roman Reigns' Spear and Superman Punch have had similar effects.

So, without any further ado, let's look at the best looking finishers in the company right now:

#5 The 630 (Ricochet)

The 630 Senton is a thing of beauty
The 630 Senton is a thing of beauty

Ricochet is the one Superstar you would expect to have the most breathtaking and exciting moves inside the squared circle. The One and Only is a gifted individual possessing an incredible amount of talent. Known in the Indies as Price Puma, his high-flying, risk-taking style has seized the attention of the WWE Universe, with many great things expected from him in the upcoming Money in the Bank contract ladder match.

A 630 Senton off the ladder? Could easily become the moment of the night!

The 630 Senton, as the name suggests, involves the wrestler turning by 630 (crazy, right?) degrees in the air and driving into the mid-section of the opponent back first. Because of the momentum Ricochet generates mid-air, it looks a particularly painful one to take for the opponent. It requires pin-point accuracy and precise execution, something that Ricochet has been able to develop in the 15 years he has wrestled.

Ricochet has a long road ahead of himself before he can be a main event star, but he has the charisma and move set to do so, specially the 630.

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Published 17 May 2019, 23:27 IST
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