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5 of the most entertaining wrestling podcasts

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Bruce Prichard the host of, 'Something else to wrestle with'.
Bruce Prichard the host of, 'Something else to wrestle with'.

In past years fans would have to read magazines to find information about wrestling. However, in recent years the internet has taken over. Fans can find information via YouTube channels, websites, and of course podcasts.

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The plethora of wrestling podcasts is immensely entertaining. Moreover, offer excellent insight into the wrestling scene. Their personal and professional lifestyles. At present, names such as; Bruce Prichard, Colt Cabana, and Ryback all host shows. However, concerning entertainment value, they are not the best. 

#5 Lilian Garcia's 'Chasing Glory'

Lilian Garcia's podcast can be found on Podcastone
Lilian Garcia's podcast can be found on Podcastone

Lilian Garcia is a singer and songwriter with a unique background. Compared to others in her field, she can boast dynamic achievements. She was the first female to perform as an announcer at WrestleMania and to create a wrestling podcast. Furthermore, Garcia was influential in developing women's wrestling in WWE. Albeit, not in a wrestling capacity. 

Chasing Glory affords excellent insight into wrestling personalities, see video below. Moreover, the news and entertainment value is first hand. Her first podcast was with Batista. Since then her guests have included a plethora of talent including; Stephanie McMahon, Stone Cold, AJ Styles, and many more. 

Listening to this podcast immerses the audience into the world of wrestling. The podcast is more than just an informative platform. However, Garcia's guests tend to be from WWE. Therefore, the podcast could improve in the future. Nevertheless, the entertainment value is excellent.

#4 E & C's Pod of Awesomeness

Edge and Christian have been extremely successful
Edge and Christian have been extremely successful

Edge and Christian are former professional wrestlers. However, their careers were excellent. Their actions helped pioneer tag team wrestling in WWE. Moreover, their singles careers could be equally revered. Throughout their time in wrestling, they amassed a plethora of tag team and singles championships.  

The Pod of Awesomeness affords entertainment value found nowhere else on the market, see video below. It is due to the hilarity of Edge and Christian. Throughout their broadcasting they have interviewed notable guests including; Chavo Guerrero, Matt Hardy, Shawn Michaels and The Young Bucks. However, these are to name but a few. 

This podcast brings together humor and information. Regardless of the audience's understanding of wrestling, this podcast is excellent. The passion exhumed by Edge and Christian is evident. It certainly supports the progression of each show. 

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