5 Oldest WWE Superstars on the current roster

The golden truth is that not every WWE superstar is young
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 15 May 2017
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Despite the fact that it is ‘scripted entertainment’, WWE is a highly physical affair. Men and women put their bodies on the line, for days, months and years and sometimes even decades for our entertainment.

While there is a steady crop of young talent that emerges from WWE’s developmental system, their skills are honed by the veterans in the business who steer and navigate them inside the ring, and through their careers.

This is a tribute to the elder statesmen of WWE, men who live to entertain. Men who do not let their age slow them down, in their quest for glory. However, before we talk about the 5 oldest men in the company, here are a few honourable mentions.

Honourable Mention 1: The Undertaker (52)

Even dead men age...

The Undertaker wrestled Roman Reigns, this year at Wrestlemania 33, and in a symbolic show of retirement, hung up his gloves, hat and his iconic trenchcoat. One assumes that he is done with wrestling after a storied career and that at the age of 52, he will spend time with his family and follow his other pursuits.

This makes The Phenom our first honourable mention, with three more to go.

Honourable Mention 2: Goldberg (50)

Will the erstwhile Universal Champion return for yet another run?

Goldberg wrestled as recently as WrestleMania 33, last month. However, the promo he cut on Raw Talk the night after, out of character, indicated that he may be done once and for all.

While he did mention ‘never say never’, we can say for certain that he’s not an active member of the current WWE roster, right now. At age 50, he’s our second honorable mention.

Honourable Mention 3: Kane (50)

Kane’s status with WWE right now is anyone’s guess

From The Undertaker, we move to his (kayfabe) brother, Kane. Kane was a full-time performer with SmackDown Live as recently as last year. However, as we had reported recently, he is pursuing his political ambitions as well, by contesting to be the mayor of Knox County.

Kane’s return to the company will depend upon how successful his political run is, and so at the age of 50, he becomes our third honourable mention. 

Honourable Mention 4: Tajiri (46)

Yet another man who is no longer with WWE, right now

Tajiri is our final honourable mention. He was an integral component of WWE's Cruiserweight Division, until not too long ago. However, Tajiri felt age catching up with him and announced his departure from WWE, last month. We wish him all the best and move on with our countdown.

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Published 15 May 2017
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