5 Photos of Stephanie McMahon she might prefer you didn't see

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

She may be dominating the corporate world as WWE's Chief Brand Officer, but Stephanie McMahon is much more than a high-powered businesswoman.

McMahon, not least due to her background as part of the most well-known family in wrestling history, is an established figure in the world of sports entertainment as well as in business - having been both a former WWE Women's Champion and a General Manager of Monday Night RAW.

In the late 1990s, she played huge parts in some of WWE's most memorable television. She was hit by a trash can thrown by the British Bulldog, she was married and was kidnapped by The Undertaker - all before the turn of the millennium.

After that, Stephanie's presence alongside Triple H drew to incredible levels. The duo ruled over WWE as an evil authority figure, before the Billion Dollar Princess eventually reverted to spending more time on her behind-the-scenes roles - while always returning to fill cameo and short-term roles in front of the camera, not least her feud with brother, Shane McMahon, when the pair spearheaded RAW and SmackDown respectively.

Be it in the ring or in business, Stephanie has had quite the career and, as ever, WWE's cameras have been there to record every single step. Here, we examine 5 photos of Stephanie McMahon that she might prefer you didn't see.

#5. Mick and the M&Ms!

Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, and the M&M!
Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, and the M&M!

If ever there was a picture that makes you do a double-take, this is probably it. Stephanie McMahon, as a key player in WWE's corporate and commercial world, will be no stranger to publicity shots - even the cheesy ones - but this one takes the biscuit.

It has all ingredients necessary to make it arguably one of the cheesiest PR shots Steph will ever have had the pleasure of shooting - and pleasure is clearly the right word given the lady herself is clearly in her element and having a great time.

She's alongside Mick Foley of course, with whom she sparred quite heavily during their respective roles of Commissioner and General Manager of Monday Night RAW. At first glance, you'd have to say the photo is around 15-18 years old - and undoubtedly one Stephanie will likely fill in the Cheese Column!

#4. A Giant Photo

Stephanie and the late, great Andre the Giant
Stephanie and the late, great Andre the Giant

Now let's make sure we get the tone of this photo right straight away and make one thing clear - there's nothing bad about this image. It's beautifully candid, and one that I am sure the whole McMahon family will treasure.

However, with that said, there isn't a single one of us that doesn't cringe at photos of us when we're aged, say, eight to 10, like Stephanie McMahon is here, right?!

Here, she's pictured alongside the late, great, Andre the Giant, who was a genuine Superstar of the WWE during the 1980s and the early 1990s. It's well recorded that he was very close to the McMahon family and, as we can see here, he was obviously fond of a young Stephanie, too.

Andre, a larger than life character, sadly passed away early in 1993 after lengthy health complications, when Stephanie would have been just 17, so he'll never have seen the successful, fiery and compelling character she turned out to be.

#3. McMahon the Motivator

Stephanie McMahon keeping fit
Stephanie McMahon keeping fit

Back in the 1990s over in the UK, there was a motivational fitness instructor by the name of Mr. Motivator - his charismatic nature and enthusiastic workouts won the hearts of a nation as Brits up and down the country got themselves fit under his instruction. He also wore some pretty incredible, bright and tight-fitting outfits too, which would have been at home in WWE.

Stephanie McMahon might well have grown up a long, long way away from the UK and, almost certainly, has no idea who Mr. Motivator is, but we quite like the idea that she's drawing on her very own inner Mr. Motivator in this photograph.

Presumably taken at the WWE Performance Center, it shows McMahon leading a workout and busting out what looks to be a fairly regal rave, one befitting of the former Billionaire Princess. Much like Mr. Motivator, at least her outfit is on the bright side!

A quick shout-out, too, to what looks to be Carmella, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss with cameo roles in the background of this shot.

#2. Chattin' Steph

Stephanie McMahon behind the announce desk
Stephanie McMahon behind the announce desk

Say what you will about the McMahon family - whether they're the perfect heels, the best babyfaces or the most dynamic wrestling family in history. No matter what, though, they always get their hands dirty and were often found in the very thick of the action.

Vince McMahon, of course, has signed as many million-dollar corporate deals in the business world as he has taken Stone Cold Stunners in the ring, while Shane McMahon was a former ring attendant and sound technician in his formative years.

While Stephanie McMahon didn't quite establish herself in a broadcast position before her rise to prominence as a character on screen, it's clear she has the flair for it. This rare photo of her behind the announce table alongside Paul Heyman and Michael Cole is a great insight into what kind of commentator she might have been - as it is, she's likely just cheering on her husband, Triple H, as this is taken. We're not quite sure the gear was a great look, though!

#1. The Rockers Fan Club?

Stephanie was a fan of The Rockers?!
Stephanie was a fan of The Rockers?!

We all have our embarrassing secrets from when we're young. Which wrestler we had that secret crush on, which Superstar we used to pretend to be when we did promos in the shower - you know the kind of thing.

You might just be forgiven for thinking, then, that Stephanie McMahon has a secret past as a die-hard fan of The Rockers! The duo of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were the daredevil duo of the early 1990s, a high-flying, risk-taking pair who had their fair share of admirers. Is it possible, then, that Stephanie grew up with posters of The Rockers on her bedroom wall?

Well, it's possible, but it would seem unlikely - at least it isn't as clear cut as this photo makes out. No, it's not a fan shoot, this is Stephanie in one of her very earliest WWE assignments as a model for their merchandising catalogs.

Who knows how many Rockers t-shirts they managed to shift back in the day, but we'll bet a dollar that Stephanie hasn't kept this snap as one to show her kids.

Still, let's hope they find it here and it gives the whole family something to smile about!

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