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5 possible booking angles for Dean Ambrose

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118.75K   //    06 Oct 2016, 10:04 IST
We take a look at the possible ways WWE can book Dean Ambrose

After the recent WWE brand split, the blue brand looks to be the underdog between RAW and SmackDown Live. Still, two of the biggest babyfaces of their time, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are promoting SmackDown Live and the audience seems to love it.

The only thing keeping the blue team down, though, is the severe lack of main-eventers with Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles being the biggest talents in the roster while John Cena makes an appearance every now and then.

Within the SmackDown roster, Dean Ambrose is arguably the most over with the fans and while he is not the most technical of the bunch, he does make up for it with charisma, ring presence, and the very convincing unstable gimmick.

He shows the makings of a talented main-eventer and if only WWE doesn’t end up booking him into a corner or straight to the mid card, Ambrose could prove to be the “Pillman-esque” unhinged rebel that the reality era needs.

#5 Dean Ambrose takes on the Ambassador of WWE

Can Dean Ambrose take down John Cena one-on-one?

With the WWE World Championship title now out of Dean’s hands, he can focus on taking down the self-proclaimed “ambassador of WWE”, John Cena. It’s no secret that Ambrose thinks that Cena’s time in the limelight is coming to an end, even going to the extent of calling him a “lazy part-timer”.

The fans are definitely into it and the match could prove to be just as good, if not better than the AJ Styles vs John Cena match at SummerSlam last month. Things seem to be really heating up between the two in the last few weeks and a singles match between the two after a big feud would be the way to go with Dean’s storyline.

Even if he isn’t booked to win, Ambrose could use the exposure in order to be taken more seriously as a top-class main eventer.

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