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5 Possible replacements for Seth Rollins to face Triple H at WrestleMania 33

Here is a contingency plan just in case Seth Rollins isn't back in time for Mania.

It appears that Seth Rollins was legitimately hurt on Monday, who could replace him if he can’t go?

The very first Monday Night Raw after the Royal Rumble had a great surprise ending.

Just as Seth Rollins thought he was going to finally get his hands on Triple H, six months after he was screwed out the WWE Universal Championship, he was blindsided by a debuting Samoa Joe before he could even reach the ring.

Check out the video of what happened below:

The unfortunate part of this great debut was the fact that Seth Rollins tweaked the knee that had put him on the shelf back in November 2015. Many speculate that the moment he reinjured his knee was when Samoa Joe dropped him down to apply the Coquina Clutch submission at the very end of the show.

Seth Rollins would travel to Birmingham, Alabama to have his knee checked out, and it appears that he has avoided the worst, but could still be out for up to eight weeks. If he has any kind of setback, there is a good chance that he’ll miss WrestleMania 33.  

This article is going to take a look at five potential replacements that could provide an entertaining two-month build-up to the biggest show of the year, in the absence of Seth Rollins.

#5 – Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura has done almost everything he can in NXT, now is a good time to move up to the main roster...

Any enemy of Samoa Joe’s will be an enemy of Triple H as well. Shinsuke Nakamura just lost his NXT Championship to Bobby Roode at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, and is too big of a talent to keep in NXT for much longer.  

Nakamura and Joe had many epic battles for the NXT Championship in 2016, and that could carry over to a WrestleMania feud culminating with a match against Triple H as well.

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While it would be better to put Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown Live, there is always the possibility of a roster swap in the summer, so having him make his debut on Raw and taking on Triple H at WrestleMania before moving over to Smackdown Live in time for a SummerSlam feud could work out great.  

Triple H obviously doesn’t need to win at WrestleMania, and that puts Nakamura in line for a career defining win.

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