5 Potential finishes for Goldberg vs. The Fiend- Interference from top WWE star?

Riju Dasgupta
Modified 27 Feb 2020
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#4 Goldberg passes out because of The Mandible Claw

But then, some may counter by saying that at his age, Goldberg taking Sister Abigail in a realistic manner would look very strange indeed. He was never Ricky The Dragon Steamboat even in his prime, and therefore, Goldberg may need to pass out to a safer and considerably simpler move.

If The Fiend is to take Goldberg out, the simplest way to do so maybe with The Mandible Claw, a move that he took from Mick Foley and has used successfully against many of his opponents including Daniel Bryan. Goldberg, or just about any other legend, could easily eat the move and just pass out in the middle of the ring and then, the business would have been done and the torch would have been passed if this is indeed the plan.

These are the two possibilities if plans entail The Fiend winning clean, of course. But this is Goldberg we're talking about, and so the outcome could indeed be quite different in terms of how things really play out during the match.

Published 26 Feb 2020, 09:57 IST
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