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WWE Survivor Series 2017: 5 potential finishes for the Women's Traditional Survivor Series match 

10 women. 5 possibilities.

Survivor Series 2017 is approaching, and we can't help but feel hyped!
Survivor Series 2017 is approaching, and we are totally hyped!

If you missed all the announcers, team captains and authority figures of both brands repeating the same phrase continually, Survivor Series is the only time of the year when RAW goes head to head with SmackDown Live in a direct competition.

Survivor Series is almost upon us and we thought that we'd bring you a preview of one of the most intriguing matches on the card. This is the women's Survivor Series match and one that has a lot of interest in it.

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This is because of the title change that occurred last week on SmackDown Live when Charlotte Flair usurped Natalya to become the SmackDown Live Women's Champion. As a result, she'll be facing Alexa Bliss in a battle of champions.

What this essentially means is that there's a spot open in the SmackDown Live team. This brings about several intriguing possibilities. We shall discuss some of them in this feature. Read on, guys!

#5 Natalya's the fifth woman, Asuka whitewashes competition

This is by far, the most underwhelming scenario
This is by far, the most underwhelming scenario

It is no secret that Asuka has been booked as an unbeatable war goddess, both in NXT and now also in the main roster. She has a winning streak that even surpasses Goldberg's own, and has not been pinned or submitted ever since she stepped into WWE.

Because Charlotte Flair took Natalya's spot in the singles competition, it would make sense for Natalya to take Flair's. While this may seem like an underwhelming scenario, it would give Asuka a chance to run through competition, and raise Team RAW's hands sky high once again.

This could be a great chance for Asuka to showcase her dominance, to the audience that does not watch NXT, before she is thrust into the title mix, in time. You better watch out, Alexa Bliss.

It would also be cool for Asuka to tease a confrontation with someone like Becky Lynch, for a match sometime in the future.

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