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5 potential opponents for Sami Zayn after Survivor Series

J. Carpenter
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9.49K   //    20 Nov 2016, 14:38 IST
Sami Zayn faces The Miz at Survivor Series, for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship!

This is an exciting weekend for WWE fans, with two big events airing on the WWE Network on back-to-back evenings, with NXT Takeover on Saturday, and Survivor Series this Sunday night.

While all eyes will be on the huge Survivor Series Main Event featuring Brock Lesnar taking on the returning Goldberg, there's plenty of other great matches worth getting excited over as well.

One of those matches is the Intercontinental Championship match between defending champion The Miz from Smackdown Live taking on Sami Zayn from the Raw roster. This match is intriguing for several reasons, primarily because of the transfer implications if Zayn wins and the title comes back to Raw.

One thing worth noting is the fact that Raw is already home to the United States Championship, as well as the Cruiserweight Division and their title as well. One might argue that sending yet another mid-card title to the red brand could water down the value of one or both the Intercontinental and the United States titles respectively. 

Nevertheless, the show will go on and if I were a betting man, I'd wager the farm on Zayn capturing the title and carrying it back to the waiting arms of Stephanie and Mick Foley at Raw.

On the other side, The Miz is a great champion, in my opinion. This guy doesn't get near the credit he deserves, for all he's accomplished and for his complete body of work as it is. The Miz is a true veteran and a very consistent source of quality performances, no matter the opponent. 

Looking ahead to what happens after Survivor Series, considering Sami Zayn does take the title... who's next? The Intercontinental Championship, while still considered a mid-card championship, is a title with a lot of history and if carried by a proper superstar, the title could gain a lot of value.

To be honest, it's a great title, and Zayn is a great candidate for a reign with the strap. But, who should step up to the plate and attempt to dethrone Zayn, in the event that he does bring it back to Raw?

I've taken the liberty of evaluating the roster and I've thought about all of the possibilities. With that said, I've narrowed the list down to five potential opponents for Sami Zayn, who could be his first rival as Intercontinental Champion.


#5 Cesaro

Cesaro could provide a unique challenge for Zayn

Cesaro is such a workhorse. Why he hasn't been in a main event storyline yet, is beyond me. The current angle with Cesaro teaming up with Sheamus has actually turned into a very entertaining tale of two polar opposites, uniting under duress, and making it work due to the fact that both men are proven winners.

However, that storyline will likely soon come to a close and it will open up new opportunities for Cesaro, a run for the Intercontinental Championship sounds like a good idea. 

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The only drawback is that some wrestling purists don't like the idea of having two babyfaces feuding with one another. But this new era has provided proof that the line between good and bad is often so vague, that in many cases, it really doesn't matter.

The possible feud between Cesaro and Zayn just speaks money to me, and yes, I think it could be a home run.

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