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5 Potential WrestleMania replacements for a Triple H match

It's time to play The Game.

Top 5 / Top 10 02 Mar 2017, 02:32 IST
HHH-Rollins may well be off the card

For months on end now, the match that we've been anticipating for WrestleMania 33 is Triple H versus Seth Rollins. The story makes sense, given the teacher-student dynamic of their relationship, in addition to the fact that HHH screwed Rollins over in favour of helping Kevin Owens become the WWE Universal Champion.

So naturally, when Rollins went down with yet another knee injury at the hands of Samoa Joe, it was a pretty devastating moment. After The Architect missed WrestleMania last year, it seemed as if the wrestling gods just didn't want Seth to perform at the showcase of the immortals once again.

In terms of how fans responded, Farooq sums it up better than we ever could, 'damn'.

However, their confrontation on this past week's Monday Night Raw has left us all in a state of confusion as to whether the match will indeed take place. If it doesn't, WWE has to be prepared to substitute someone in place of Rollins. After all, they aren't just going to let Triple H's inevitable grand entrance go to waste, are they?

With that being said, here are five potential WrestleMania replacements for a Triple H match.

#5 The Rock

Rock vs HHH has been rumoured for a while now

This one is probably the least likely and if anything, we would've instead expected to see this at WrestleMania 32. The Rock vs. Triple H in a battle of the legends has been rumoured for a few years now, ever since their altercation at WrestleMania 31.

Alas, so far it hasn't taken place - but what if The Rock stepped in as a last minute replacement for Seth?

You could add a sense of realism into this storyline too, as HHH was rumoured to be furious with Rocky for calling CM Punk live in the ring, following a recent edition of Monday Night Raw. It's understandable that the stunt didn't go down well, and they could capitalise on that by incorporating it into the story of their feud.

The disgruntled boss vs. the old school icon.

Now to a man who has received a lot of praise from The Rock as of late.

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