5 qualities that you need to have to be a Paul Heyman guy

Do you have what it takes to be one of Paul Heyman’s esteemed clients?

Ladies And Gentlemen...

Brock Lesnar isn’t the only Paul Heyman Guy, he’s just currently the only one on TV. Paul has managed a murders’ row of pro wrestlers, some of them pretty gosh darned famous. Not only is he the rudder of The Beast’s chaos, he was CM Punk’s right-hand man, an accomplice of The Big Show, and an early advocate for Steve Austin.

He introduced fans to Sabu (sort of) and built up Tazz and Rob Van Dam into the stars they became. But for all his successes, sometimes JUST being managed by the former Paul E. Dangerously wasn’t enough. Just ask Nathan Jones, Curtis Axel, and Heidenreich, to name a few. Even Cesaro’s short run as a Heyman Guy didn’t pan out, but that was due to really bad timing and oblivious booking. 

What about the guys that Paul saw the diamond inside before everyone else, that became huge stars under the tutelage of ‘The One Behind The One In 21-1’? What did they all have in common? Well, to be honest, they didn’t ALL share the same attributes. Some were skilled technicians in the ring but couldn’t talk on the mic very well, others were the opposite.

But there were a couple things that each one of them had. So let's not bother with those until later and check out some characteristics you need to start working on if you want The Mad Scientist to even CONSIDER representing you.

#1 Be really big 

The Human Windshield

The Big Show and Brock are probably the best examples of a Paul Heyman Guy being one because of their gigantic size, although certainly not the only ones. Nathan Jones is a 7-foot tall ex-con from Australia but he wasn’t that hot in the ring and couldn’t handle the travel schedule of being a pro wrestler. Heidenreich was also a big dude that didn’t fair much better, although I personally liked his ‘ Disaterpiece’ poetry readings.

Even Matt Bloom, who seems like a very smart big guy, a veteran in the business, well rounded in the ring, couldn’t get over as A-Train with PH’s help (although it seems he couldn’t break through with any gimmick given to him). Even Ryback, the ‘Big Guy’, couldn’t find his footing. Big wrestlers also had the stigma, often for good reason, that they weren’t skilled on the mic, which made them perfect to team up with one of the greatest speakers of all time.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Just ask CM Punk.

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