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5 Raw superstars that deserve a singles push

Raw isn't exactly the place of opportunity compared to SmackDown, and these superstars deserve a good old fashioned push.

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Monday Night Raw needs to up its game

The art of wrestling stems from the fact that anyone can be a superstar. No matter what attributes both physical and mental you possess, you can somehow be transformed into someone capable of reaching the pinnacle of WWE.

Now obviously not everyone reaches this status, but it's fun to think about who in the current roster has the potential to ascend to the dizzying heights of being at a main event status.

Not everyone can be world champion and that much is obvious. In this business, your timing needs to be impeccable, and all the right elements have to come together in order to see your dreams come true.

Unfortunately, for these five superstars, those stars have yet to align in the right way despite they fact that they have more than enough talent to succeed.

In the past we've seen unlikely underdogs such as Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan make it all the way to the top, so we certainly know that it can happen. Whilst these guys may be considered on par or below those two names is a matter of opinion, but the quality is still there.

Now, it's just a case of encasing it and channeling it in the right direction. So without further ado, here are five of the most under-utilised talent that deserve a big singles push.

#1 Rusev

“Rusev crush” should be the first order of business on Raw

The Bulgarian Brute had a rocket strapped to his back once he was promoted from NXT to the main roster, but it slowly fizzled out following his WrestleMania 31 defeat to John Cena.

Many people believed that Rusev was destined to be the next great monster heel, but at the same time the dreaded "Cena Effect" has a proven track record of ruining the momentum of upcoming stars.

Nonetheless, Rusev got his head down and focused on rebuilding his character and to this day he is probably one of the most popular superstars in the eyes of the fans. It's frustrating because out of everyone on this list, the guy is probably one of the easiest people to book.

Just have him constantly devalue the American name whilst simultaneously beating some of the top names in the company.

To be honest, Rusev never should have dropped the US Title to Reigns and the former champion should reclaim the gold once 'The Big Dog' is done with it. If you want to build new stars in the company, start with a man who could get more heat than any other heel on the roster.

Speaking of Rusev, one of his former valets is up next.

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