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5 Raw Superstars who have the most potential

Harry Kettle
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Raw is full of high quality talent
Raw is full of high-quality talent

Monday Night Raw is, and will always be, viewed as the number one brand in WWE by Vince McMahon. No matter how much momentum SmackDown Live gains, it always feels like Vinnie Mac is going to favour his 25-year-old brainchild - and in a way, that makes sense. After all, we've had so many great memories from Monday nights over the years, and the show is stacked with some great talent from head to toe.

Yet, while there are certainly guys who are thriving, some aren't quite living up to their full potential - and for some, a big reason for that is their booking. A few of these names may surprise you but the criteria will vary for them all, and there's a purpose behind all five being featured.

So with that being said, here are five Raw superstars who have the most potential.

#5 Apollo

What is Apollo capable of?
What is Apollo capable of?

This is going to be a controversial inclusion to the list, and we accept that. Apollo is a guy who has the look and the athletic ability to succeed, but beyond that, he hasn't had much luck either in NXT or on the main roster. The belief was that being a part of Titus Worldwide would help him reach that next level, but the jury is out regarding whether or not that's been a success.

If you just let this guy loose and have him be a cold-hearted terminator kind of character, then you could be onto something big. Every now and again he can issue a creepy smile to the crowd, without even muttering a single word. It's certainly risky and could come off as a bit of a cop-out, but if it works, then an eventual babyface turn would work like a charm.

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