3 reason why NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 was better than SummerSlam 

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 was a spectacular event
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 was a spectacular event

Much has been said about the kind of support and love that NXT is garnering in the last few years. What started as a developmental arena has come a long way from being just that. The recently concluded NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 heaped lots of praises from worldwide. Stone Cold Steve Austin was all praises about the NXT TakeOver 4 and even tweeted about Adam Cole's and Ricochet's North American Title bout. This comes after the fact that NXT has time and again showed better matches and interesting rivalries, to begin with. WWE, on the other hand, is losing all the interest that it once had, courtesy of the dropping TV ratings.

Ricochet vs Adam Cole
Ricochet vs Adam Cole

SummerSlam was amazing and without a doubt had some amazing matches featuring the top stars of WWE. But it was below par when compared to the kind of spectacle that NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 treated its audience with. SummerSlam was great but it had its fair share of problems. We take a look at 5 reasons why NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 had an upper hand against SummerSlam 2018.

#3 Great Tag-Team Division

One has to admit that the Tag Team Championship matches at SummerSlam were nothing but disappointment. The Revival which did inimitable during their NXT run lost to a team which still hasn't found fan approval. The B Team is similar to Jinder Mahal being given the WWE Championship title. It just doesn't fit even if the push is necessary. It seems like Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are being paid back with a nice gesture from Vince McMahon for their more than a year run as jobbers for The Miz in Miztourage.

The Undisputed Era
The Undisputed Era

The New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers could have been an amazing match if the outcome had been either via pinfall or submission. A DQ win just didn't make sense. But it indeed made sure that The Bludgeon Brothers still haven't lost a match by pinfall or submission.

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 saw The Undisputed Era take on the Moustache Mountain. The match was a sheer sign of brilliance and in-ring performance from both the teams. There were many breathtaking moments and saw the audience chanting "This is Awesome" almost all throughout the match.

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Edited by Riju Dasgupta
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