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5 Reasons why Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks is relevant to WWE history

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Lynch won hearts.

Becky Lynch faced her former ally Sasha Banks in a match that easily outclassed what preceded and succeeded it. On a night that saw Finn Balor make another one of his spectacular, demonic entrances, Samoa Joe making his debut on WWE television and Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn delivering another memorable match- Banks and Lynch provided women's wrestling, in the realm of the WWE, a moment that its history should forever remember.

These two women delivered a classic match which may easily be considered one of the firm contenders for the Match of the Year .

Here are 5 reasons why this match is important when talking about women's wrestling in the WWE-

1.A Star is Born

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Lynch should get another opportunity at the title.

For what is worth, it became a bit evident that once Charlotte and Sasha Banks leaves for the main roster, NXT has another star to depend upon. Becky Lynch got a standing ovation from the crowd in the arena, at the end of the match.

Lynch is a submission specialist, but she showcased more than that aspect of her wrestling in the ring. The bridges, the suplex and the selling- all contributed to getting the story across and what a brilliant story it was. That brings us to the next point

2.The Storytelling

sasha-banks-becky-lynch-600x300.jpg (600×300)
Lynched- Banks turned the tables on Lynch with her own strengths

The first story that preceded this match was the fact that these two used to be a team once with Banks being the dominating one and Lynch being her sidekick. Lynch soon asserted her individuality and the friction between them began during the Fatal Four Way at Takeover Rival where Banks won the title.  

The second story unfolded when Banks started using her opponents speciality. Banks went straight for Lynch’s arm and was unstoppable when it came to hurting the left arm. Lynch showed great resilience but the champion’s arrogance thrived eventually. 


The in-ring psychology was legendary.

3.Sasha’s reputation

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Always the Boss.

Till now, Banks has only gone on to establish a firm grip at being one of the best wrestlers in te entire WWE, not just NXT. She gets that respect from every arena she walks into. At Takeover, she came out to a robust ’Sasha’ chant. Lynch had her supporters as well.

But Banks was the one getting most of the adulation. Briefly, in the midst of the match a ‘Sasha’s gonna kill you’. She decimated Lynch’s arm and somewhere in the middle, she even tried to bite Lynch from breaking away from a submission hold.

She fought that match like a boss.

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