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5 Reasons Kevin Owens should hold on to his title until Wrestlemania

Kevin Owens has taken on a wide variety of challengers as the WWE Universal Champion.

Kevin Owens reign as WWE Universal champion shouldn’t end anytime soon

Since his debut in WWE, Kevin Owens has taken on a wide variety of challengers. Whether it was his win over Sami Zayn to capture the NXT championship after only two months with the company, or defeating John Cena in his first match on a special event, Owens has been hugely successful.

As the prizefighter, Owens has always fought for a reason, and recently that reason has been the WWE Universal championship. With the assistance of Triple H, Owens defeated Big Cass, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the title.

What has made Owens’ reign unlike the Championship reigns of Rollins or Reigns is that he has done so through both underhanded means (with the aid of Chris Jericho) and has demonstrated he is capable of winning his matches clean.

The Universal belt is presented as the major Championship on the Raw brand, and it should be this way. Thus, it would be best to have Owens hold the title until Wrestlemania, to establish not only its value but its significance as the most important championship on the brand.

Here are five reasons Kevin Owens should continue to hold the WWE Universal Championship until Wrestlemania.

#5 He can fight Jericho for the title leading up to Royal Rumble or beyond

Despite working out their differences they could still be pitted against one another

It appears there is legitimate onscreen animosity between both Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, and so keeping the title on Owens leading up to Wrestlemania would add extra significance to that storyline in 2017. Jericho and Owens have teased issues between them, only to metaphorically give their foes the middle finger.

In Owens, we have seen an indecisive heel; while he wants to prove he isn't a coward, he also doesn't mind his friends taking the fall for him.

Did he need Chris Jericho? Regardless of whether he did or not, Jericho has often taken a beating on behalf of the champ. Jericho hasn't held a major Championship in WWE for years now, and while it isn't likely he would defeat Owens for the title, that doesn't mean Y2J challenging for it wouldn't work.

Jericho's current heel run, including the evolution of 'The List,' has been fantastic. It manages to be both brilliant and annoying all at the same time. Jericho and Owens haven't feuded before and while this may simply end up being another screw job, it would still be entertaining to see these men finally do battle.

The match provides something fans have wanted to see since these two became 'best friends'.

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