5 Reasons why Nikki Bella is the greatest female WWE Superstar ever

Nikki Bella in the ring holding up the Divas Championship
Bella deserves to be called one of the greats 
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It's always hard to appreciate greatness when it's staring you right in the face, people often only recognise great figures when they're gone or at the end of their peaks. When WWE fans often talk about the great female figures in wrestling history, they mention names like; Lita, Trish Stratus and the Fabulous Moolah.

Now it's time for Nikki Bella's name to not only be added to that list but for it to be placed right at the top.

As the face of a female generation, Nikki Bella has raised the bar so high for future women to come. She's showed us all that women are a legit entity in their own right. They can draw crowds by themselves, sell merchandise and be stars. Nikki Bella showed us this and it's time to give her props for it.

Here are 5 reasons why Nikki Bella is the greatest female WWE superstar of all time.

#5 Nine years of consistency

Nikki Bella with AJ Lee in the ring on Monday Night Raw
Nikki Bella is half-Italian, half-Mexican

To be the greatest, you must be able to adapt to all situations. Over the past ten years, the WWE has changed drastically alongside the conditions of the world. The reducing importance of kayfabe and increase in network connectivity has meant the way storylines are presented today have to be different.

In order to keep up with the times, you must do things you're not used to, whilst delivering the same quality. Nikki has not only evolved, she’s trailblazed.

Year after year, Nikki Bella has been the flag-bearer of the women's division, constantly producing great matches at high-profile events. As the Women's revolution came to fruition last year, Nikki once again raised the levels to stay at the top of the division.

#4 Gets the loudest reactions

Nikki Bella during her entrance interacting with a fan
Nikki Bella boasts 5.4m followers on Instagram

Whether she's holding a title or not, Nikki Bella always gets a thunderous reaction from the crowd in attendance. To be a top player in the wrestling business, you must be able to connect with the fans.

Many a Superstar has come to the WWE, shown great wrestling skills but not had any rapport with the WWE Universe. The fans decide who the stars are by deciding how much noise they make for them.

If you ever want to know how big a star is, listen to the crowd when their ring music hits. It lets you know how much the public is invested in someone. Positive or not, noise equates to star power.

#3 Longest reigning Divas Champion in history

Nikki Bella in the ring holding up the Divas Championship
Nikki Bella is a 2-time Divas Champion

In 50 years time when history looks back at this generation, Nikki Bella's name will stand bold and clear above the rest. What she's done over her illustrious career has been nothing short of remarkable.

A 301-day title reign is nothing to be sniffed at and Nikki Bella will forever be the longest reigning Divas Champion ever. That alone is enough to stand her up as the greatest to ever do it.

To make it even more incredible, Nikki completed the last few months of her reign with niggling neck problems. Never again will a female dominate the top of the industry as much as Nikki did in this reign.

#2 Puts others over

Alexa Bliss pinning Nikki Bella on SmackDownLive

Don't roll your eyes, Nikki has put over nearly every current female star. She's put over Charlotte Flair on many an occasion, AJ Lee several times, Paige and even new girl, Carmella. Regardless of how little the opponent is, in stature or star power, Nikki has always risen to the occasion for the good of the WWE.

Never one to let ego or position on the card hinder the booking of her matches, Nikki Bella has allowed all females around her to flourish.

Many use her relationship with John Cena as an indication of her status in the company. But it's clear that the 33-year old has reached the top of the mountain by her own merit and selfless attitude towards sharing the spotlight.

Many a top woman in the past has refused to be as selfless as Nikki. Nikki has done the opposite, using her star power to uplift others.

#1 She’s a self-made brand

John Cena & Nikki Bella on the red carpet before the ESPYS
Total Bellas is averaging 800,000 viewers a week

Nikki Bella is not only the biggest WWE female Superstar of all time, she's also the smartest. Everyone knows that the majority of wrestlers don't last that long in the industry. Injuries and general weariness take their continuous toll on wrestlers and not many people survive in the business.

It's only the special ones that last more than five years in the company, let alone make it to the top. Nikki has been here for over nine years, reached the top and then expanded her horizons.

A wrestler turned businesswoman, Nikki is now all over our screens. Not only does she boast a YouTube account with over 290,000 subscribers, she's orchestrated her own spinoff reality show on the E! network. She's been able to prepare a life after WWE to not only sustain her current standard of living but to enlarge it.

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