5 reasons why Rey Mysterio's daughter may attack Rhea Ripley

Aalyah with WWE Superstar dad Rey Mysterio alongside Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio
Aalyah with WWE Superstar dad Rey Mysterio alongside Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio

This is a Thanksgiving that Rey Mysterio will never forget after Rhea Ripley and his son Dominik came to their home uninvited. They ruined what should have been a peaceful family gathering. This now begs the question, how much more can the WWE Superstar take before he comes to his senses that it is high time to teach his estranged son a lesson?

Meanwhile, Rey’s daughter, Aalyah seemed to be absent during the attack. But it is expected by now that she already knows what happened and she will definitely not let this one pass. She could be on the sidelines, but she could just be waiting for the right time to retaliate, especially for Ripley.

Reasons for her to return to WWE and launch an attack against Ripley are now piling up and here are just a few.

#5. Aalyah attacking Rhea Ripley as payback for ruining Rey Mysterio’s 20th-anniversary celebration


A few months back, Rey Mysterio celebrated his 20th year in WWE. A jampacked Madison Square Garden came to thank the Master of 619 for entertaining them for two decades. There was even a backstage segment where Rey’s family and close friends came to congratulate him.

However, the merriment was cut short as Rhea Ripley gatecrashed the party and shoved Aalyah’s face before grabbing Dom and dragging him outside the room. Daddy Rey followed but got ambushed by Finn Balor and Damian Priest. The Mysterio boys were totally annihilated at the time as they were outnumbered.

#4. Rhea Ripley’s series of attacks towards Dominik Mysterio


Before becoming Mami to Dom, Rhea Ripley gave quite the beating to Rey Mysterio’s baby boy.

During an episode of RAW in August, both Rey and Dominik went toe-to-toe against The Usos’, Jimmy and Jey for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. The father and son duo lost the match and that is where the chaos began.

To rub in some more salt, Judgment Day came rushing from the crowd and mugged the two. From the beatdown, it can be seen that Ripley was choking the life out of Dom before Edge came to the rescue.

Dom got punished yet again by Ripley after the attack. This time, it was during Rey’s match against Finn Balor.

#3. Poisoning the mind of Dominik Mysterio that led him to join The Judgment Day


The attack from Rhea Ripley is just one of the catalysts that made Dominik Mysterio arrive at some realizations about his career as a WWE star and his relationship with his dad Rey Mysterio.

The culmination of this came at this year’s Clash at the Castle. After defeating Judgment Day members Finn Balor and Damian Priest in their tag team square-off, Dom shockingly gave Edge a low blow before delivering a nasty clothesline to daddy.

Albeit the defeat, the villainous trio were evidently elated with the betrayal that is unfolding right before their eyes at the time.

#2. For tearing up the tight bond between his father and brother


Rey Mysterio and Dominik were almost inseparable when the latter officially stepped into WWE. However, the rock-solid closeness between them eroded when they came across Rhea Ripley and the rest of The Judgment Day.

With every encounter, they gradually fell apart until the aforementioned allegiance of Dominik Mysterio to the heel faction. The wound gets deeper with every intimidation and attack and with the way things are going, it is still not clear how this storyline will ever end.

To end that, the inclusion of Aalyah in this angle and attacking Rhea Ripley would later send a statement that she’s (Aalyah) had enough of this B.S. and it needs to stop.

#1. Thanksgiving 2022 for the Mysterios just got scrapped because of them


As mentioned in the intro, Dominik introduced his Mami Ripley to the family during this Thanksgiving celebration, though they were not received with open arms. When that failed, the two forced their way in and Rey Mysterio was on the receiving end of it all.

Despite his mother's plea, Dom continued the attack on his Papa Rey and even targeted the WWE Superstar’s injured leg. After he was satisfied with the douchery that he had done, he and Ripley left as if nothing had happened.

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