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5 reasons why Shane McMahon should not be on Team SmackDown

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Shane-O-Mac will once again captain team SmackDown

This week Shane McMahon, the commissioner of SmackDown Live addressed the recent developments in the Raw vs. SmackDown rivalry that has escalated in the past two weeks. Last week, Shane led an army of SmackDown superstars in an invasion as they put Raw under siege. With the Raw locker room recuperating from the show they had just put on that night, they became easy targets for the invaders.

The following week on Raw, a visiting Daniel Bryan was locked in a dark room with Kane. The "Devil's Favorite Demon" chokeslammed Bryan, who was forced into early retirement due to multiple head injuries, and left him for dead in Kurt Angle's dark office.

In response, the assault on his GM Daniel Bryan, McMahon appointed himself as the captain of Team SmackDown. With Kurt Angle on team Raw, McMahon also wants to defend the honour of his brand on the front-lines, but that is a mistake. Shane should not be competing at Survivor Series for a plethora of reasons. These are the top five reasons Shane-O-Mac shouldn't be back at Survivor Series.

#5 Turning another PPV into McMahon Family Feud

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It's all about the McMahons

Vince McMahon, as every wrestling fan knows, is the owner of WWE, the chairman of the board, the ruler of the kingdom. The McMahon empire deserves all the respect in the world, but that doesn't mean that the McMahon family has to be the centre of attention at all times.

Vince, his daughter Stephanie, and son Shane have all competed in WWE, and have all held titles! When the brand split returned to WWE in 2016 and Vince appointed Stephanie as the commissioner of Monday Night Raw, and Shane as the commissioner of SmackDown Live, it was clear that the sibling rivalry was always going to be front and centre.

It wasn't enough for Survivor Series to be Stephanie's show vs. Shane's show, Shane had to insert himself into the action. Shane wants to stick it to his sister and her "flagship show" by personally beating down the opposition. Survivor Series really should be about the superstars proving which roster is better. Shane doesn't even add drawing power to this match, and his roster is stacked enough to present a five-man team capable of getting the job done against Raw's five best men.

In actuality, Shane being on team SmackDown is a detriment, if he really wants to win the war then the 47-year old commissioner should give the fifth spot to a young up and coming superstar in peak physical condition.

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