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5 Reasons why you should watch AEW

Seth Carter
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Published 13 Oct 2019, 06:28 IST
13 Oct 2019, 06:28 IST

All Elite Wrestling
All Elite Wrestling

It seems like ever since the moment All Elite Wrestling announced their weekly show on TNT, fans began choosing a side. It appeared as if there would be room in their hearts for only one professional wrestling promotion. 

Personally, I had no intention of becoming an AEW weekly viewer. I had nothing against them, I just didn’t think I’d have the time or desire to follow another professional wrestling show. Luckily for me, we happened to tune in during the debut episode.  

If you think you already have enough wrestling in your life and just haven’t given AEW a chance to entertain you, then this is the article for you. Here the top five reasons you should give AEW a chance. 

#5 Presentation

Jon Moxley attacks Kenny Omega.
Jon Moxley attacks Kenny Omega.

The Announcers

The announce team comprises of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and the masked Excalibur. They all have decades of experience under their belt and find a great mix between calling the matches as well as simultaneously building the image of the wrestlers for unfamiliar fans. The announcers can make everything happening in the ring seem exponentially more important, and these three do it very well. 

Time Limits

AEW has brought back the time limit. Cody Rhodes’ second match resulted in a time limit draw. AEW not only has the time limit, but they showed early on they are not afraid to use them. The time limit draw may not be the most satisfactory ending to a match but it helps create the feel of a real competition.

Wins and Losses Count

Speaking of feeling like a real competition, the win/loss records matter in AEW. The wins-losses-draws are all listed next to the names of each wrestler as they make their entrances. These records are being used to help determine who gets a chance to contend for titles. The announcers even made note of how Cody couldn’t afford another draw if he wants a title shot any time soon and that really raised the stakes for the match. 

The camera and lighting almost give it the same feel as WCW Nitro. It’s simple yet sleek. The crowd remains clearly visible during matches. The ring is a simple grey color with black posts and ropes.

Compared to their counterparts, the screen at the entrance is modest, but it fits with the motif of AEW. The wrestlers and the action in the ring are what this show is about. Everything is designed in a way to put the focus on the performers,


Actions Speak Louder than Words

AEW is taking the "actions speak louder than words" approach as interference and violence are two of the primary mediums of choice for building the stories. For instance, after two episodes, we can clearly see that Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega are terribly angry with one another, and it’s been visible in their actions. 

You may have also heard, when they do grab a mic, there are no scripts. Every wrestler on the card may not be the best performer on the mic, but they’d probably do even worse at delivering scripted promos. This method lets the stars shine, as we saw with Chris Jericho’s “promo of the year” on episode two of Dynamite. 

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