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5 Reasons why Bray Wyatt's new gimmick might fail to deliver once he returns to the ring

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One of the most promising gimmicks in recent times!
One of the most promising gimmicks in recent times!

It has been over two months since the former Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt, debuted his new gimmick of a smiling host who gives life lessons to his friends but has a hidden dark secret.

After introducing us to his demonic avatar - The Fiend, Bray Wyatt mentioned that he is here to protect us and that he has control over him. But that hardly seems to be true. Last week's episode was considered by many as the last one in the series, and there were many reasons to believe that as well. 

The way Bray and his friends (or followers?) insisted everyone to "follow the leader" and let him in, that looked like a scene from a scary movie and could really haunt people at night. In the end, The Fiend Bray Wyatt seemed to disappear from the Firefly Fun House, leading to the speculations that the monster has been set free.

Many expected him to show up at Stomping Grounds tonight, but that did not happen. On the RAW following the PPV, we saw Bray make his presence felt in a rather strange way as first Abby the Witch, and then Mercy the Buzzard were seen secretly watching The Miz and Kofi Kingston, respectively. Bray is definitely here, and he might return to the ring anytime now.

Now, I love this gimmick as much as most of you do, but there are some reasons that I would like to put over as to why this new gimmick might fail to deliver once Bray Wyatt actually returns to the ring. Feel free to let me know your views on this in the comments section, whether they are favorable or against mine.

#5 Fans have too many expectations from him already

The Firefly Fun House was an instant hit among the fans, as week after week Bray Wyatt and his friends - Mercy the Buzzard, Abby the Witch, Rambling Rabbit, and Huskies the Pig Boy - kept us waiting for the 3-minute long episode of Firefly Fun House.

If you are a reader of the Best and Worst articles of RAW on Sportskeeda, you would notice how these segments are often considered the best part about the 3-hour show. Even the biggest of critics of WWE have appreciated this new gimmick, with many even calling it the best gimmick WWE has produced in years.


Now the issue here is as simple as this - expectations often lead to disappointment. We are so used to see the brilliance of this new character that even the slightest of an error during his in-ring return could lead to a huge backlash among fans.

The only way to avoid this is to give it some time. Remember how many disliked the Firefly Funhouse segments in the beginning, but soon started enjoying it? The same could be the case with this.

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