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5 reasons why Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion is best for business

Divesh Merani
19.09K   //    05 Oct 2019, 08:43 IST

The Beast is back on top.
The Beast is back on top.

Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston in mere seconds to win the WWE Championship on the Friday Night SmackDown premiere on FOX and while first viewing would entice fans to say it is a bad thing, it actually isn't. Sure, Lesnar will have another part-time reign as the world champion. However, there are quite a few positives for WWE and FOX to take from the Beast winning the title.

For the time being, he is the right person to spearhead the men's division as WWE wets its feet in this huge deal with the major network. SmackDown will have to come out of the gates flying, with no better way in doing so than crowning the biggest name in the company with their biggest title on the first episode, even if the manner in which it was done is questionable.

And if it is booked correctly, Lesnar as WWE Champion could be one of the best things to happen all year. Here are five reasons why the Beast winning the WWE Title on SmackDown will eventually be best for business.

#5 A huge draw

Lesnar = Ratings
Lesnar = Ratings

There is absolutely no doubt that the biggest name that still wrestles on a semi-regular basis for WWE is Brock Lesnar. He is still on a level above pretty much the entire locker room, with his aura remaining intact despite a couple of pinfall losses to Seth Rollins. His limited appearances almost always matter thanks to the legitimacy he brings to WWE programming.

Lesnar winning the WWE Championship, along with an impending feud with Cain Velasquez, would fulfill FOX's preference for a sports-centric presentation and it fits the must-see nature that WWE will try to restore in the Blue Brand. The Beast is still one of the biggest ratings movers today and while WWE continues to bring various talents to that level of star power for the future, Brock Lesnar has the present covered.

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