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5 Reasons why Brock Lesnar won the WWE title on Friday Night SmackDown

Nicky Pags
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Published Oct 06, 2019
Oct 06, 2019 IST

Brock Lesnar and Kofi Kingston
Brock Lesnar and Kofi Kingston

This past week was dubbed 'premiere week' in the world of pro wrestling, with the season premiere of Raw kicking off the week, NXT broadcasting its first two hour episode on USA Network, AEW debuting Dynamite, and SmackDown premiering on FOX Sports.

The week capped off with the main event featuring Brock Lesnar defeating Kofi Kingston to win the WWE title, and The Beast captured the title in not-so-dramatic fashion when he defeated Kingston in mere seconds with an F5, the only move in the match.

The match win for Brock Lesnar returns the WWE part-timer to the Championship picture, and the move by WWE has of course drawn the eye of a select group of fans.

Given the above, let's take a look at five reasons why Brock Lesnar won the WWE title on the FOX Sports premiere of Friday Night SmackDown this week.

#5 Kofi Kingston's time as Champion was coming to a natural end

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

When Kofi Kingston won the WWE title back at WrestleMania 35, defeating Daniel Bryan in a career-defining match, many fans thought Kingston would be an interim Champion so to speak and would reign as Champion for only a short time.

But Kingston proved the naysayers wrong and enjoyed a six-month title reign which saw The New Day member successfully defend his title against some of the best talents WWE has to offer, and his reign as WWE Champion will go down in the record books as successful.

In the past couple months, however, Kofi Kingston's momentum as Champion began to wind down, and it felt like a good time to take the title off the man who captured gold when many fans thought it would never happen for the popular New Day star. Kingston went out having concluded a very memorable WWE title run.

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