5 Reasons why CM Punk will never return to WWE

He's Got 99 Problems and WWE is many of them
He's Got 99 Problems and WWE is many of them

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Every WWE fan loves to ask the same question. Will CM Punk return to WWE in 2019 or ever?

Now, I would love to be proven wrong in this. The entire WWE Universe would love to have him back in the fold.

CM Punk has some of the best WWE matches in the company. His WWE feud with John Cena was one of the best in the WWE at that time. He stole the show at WrestleMania 29 in a match with The Undertaker.

He had the longest run as WWE Champion the company had seen in a while clocking in at 434 days. Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles has surpassed that number with their respective championship reigns.

CM Punk aka Phil Brooks is a different animal than other WWE Superstars who have been in his number one spot. The straight-edge superstar and self-proclaimed 'voice of the voiceless' comes from a life filled with hard knocks and a father who was an alcoholic. His childhood was not easy, moving out of his parent's house as a teenager.

That upbringing brings his reasons for leaving WWE into much more focus. What is still unclear if he ever will return to the WWE. Other WWE legends like Ultimate Warrior, Jeff Jarrett, and Bret Hart had left the company on equally bad terms. While it would be fantastic for him to come back, Hell would have to freeze over before that happened.

Here are 5 reasons why CM Punk will never return to WWE.

#5 His 'Hatred' of HHH

Worst WWE Couple Ever
Worst WWE Couple Ever

If HHH and CM Punk ever ended up in a sitcom, it would be highly entertaining. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. CM Punk has never really liked Triple H. He was scheduled to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania 30 but CM Punk didn't want anything to do with it. He always believed that HHH never liked him and sabotaged him during the 'Summer of Punk.'

While HHH has claimed he has no 'beef' with CM Punk, other WWE personnel might have something else to say about it. Whatever the reason be, CM Punk is not someone who forgives easily and that may be an obstacle to a WWE Return.


#4 His Commitment to UFC and MMA

UFC or Bust
UFC or Bust

CM Punk has repeatedly said he's not a wrestler now but an MMA fighter trying to make it in the world of UFC. It doesn't matter whether his MMA record stands at 0-2. It doesn't matter if he was mauled by Mickey Gall in his first UFC Fight. It doesn't matter if he was beaten by Mike Jackson.

He's all about MMA.

As stated earlier, CM Punk goes all the way. He's very single-minded and focused. It's his willingness to always keep trying. That is admirable in every shape and form. His training for his first UFC Fight was covered extensively in the fighting world and was under the watchful eye of Duke Roufus.

While he has not said goodbye to pro-wrestling and he may work in a place like AEW, WWE seems to be something he will look back in the rearview mirror as he drives onwards towards his future.

#3 The Colt Cabana Podcast

Colt Cabana and CM Punk
Colt Cabana and CM Punk

After CM Punk left WWE, everyone kept asking the same thing. Why did CM Punk leave WWE? Is he ever coming back? CM Punk decided to put everything to rest to go on his then-friend Colt Cabana's 'Art of Wrestling' Podcast and settle everything once and for all.

The straight-edge superstar dished on everything that happened in the WWE and the reasons for him leaving. He even alleged being misdiagnosed by WWE doctor Chris Amann. He spoke on his final meeting with Vince McMahon and Triple H. He also said WWE fired him via Fed Ex on his wedding day.

It quite suffices to say that WWE was none too pleased with the podcast. Backstage reactions said that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were hopping mad on what CM Punk said. While this is not the nail in the coffin, it's highly likely that a CM Punk return to WWE is not happening any time soon.


#2 The Chris Amaan Lawsuit

Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows

As mentioned in the previous slide, CM Punk alleged that Chris Amaan misdiagnosed a staph infection during the Colt Cabana Podcast. Chris Amaan alleged misrepresentation of his character and filed a lawsuit against CM Punk and Colt Cabana for defamation.

Last Year in June 2018, CM Punk and Colt Cabana were absolved of all charges as Chris Amaan was seeking $1 Million Dollars. When the charges were first filed, CM Punk believed that WWE was funding Chris Amaan's legal team. While it was unclear, it's quite interesting to note that when the former WWE Superstar accusing Chris Amaan of medical malpractice, he would also accusing WWE of the same.

Whether it's true or not is up for the debate. What is certain that the lawsuit which was long-fought in court was stressful for CM Punk as most legal cases are. While CM Punk may have another thing to hold against WWE, the WWE universe found out what C.M. stands for.

It is now a matter of public record as part of the deliberations of a legal case that Chick Magnet was revealed.

#1 CM Punk has moved on

Moving on to other things
Moving on to other things

While CM Punk has not moved on from pro-wrestling, he seems less likely to ever return to the world of WWE. While AEW could possibly be a place where CM Punk could show up, he has other endeavors that he's interested in.

During the Colt Cabana Podcast which was recorded in 2014, CM Punk stated that he had an interest in acting down the line after his wrestling career ended. CM Punk has now made his acting debut in 'Girl on the Third Floor' which has a leading role in.

CM Punk is also a host on Netflix Ultimate Beastmaster. While he's not fighting in the UFC, CM Punk has also taken on a Joe Rogan type role for Cage Fury Championships as a commentator. He also wrote comic books for Marvel and DC.

Suffice to say, Punk has a lot to look forward to. Will CM Punk ever return to WWE? In the words of WWE Legend, Sting, 'Nothing's for sure.'

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