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5 reasons why Goldberg defeating Bray Wyatt at WWE Super ShowDown is actually a good thing

Goldberg and The Fiend... right before the bell rang
Goldberg and The Fiend... right before the bell rang
Modified 28 Feb 2020
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If you didn't catch the end of WWE Super ShowDown - or at least read about it - let me the one to break the good/bad news: Goldberg defeated Bray Wyatt to become the new WWE Universal Champion.

Now, a lot of you are taking this news pretty badly. And I understand that. But, I'm here to tell you that everything is going to be OK.

Now, I am, admittedly, a huge Goldberg fan. I've even seen his Christmas slasher flick and that Universal Soldier movie he did. No, they weren't very good... actually, Santa's Slay was kind of fun. My point is, normally I would be pretty biased. But, not today!

No, today, I'm going to be as objective as I can and still attempt to make the case that Goldberg winning tonight was the right choice.

Now, I'm probably not going to change the minds of a lot of you, and that's fine. But, just hear me out here for a moment.

#5 The Fiend doesn't need the title

The Fiend
The Fiend

The WWE knew they had something special with Bray Wyatt's new persona, especially after his match with Finn Balor at SummerSlam last year. And, they were right. Unfortunately, they also jumped the gun a bit with him. That's where things started to get to be a bit of a mess.

The Fiend was a hit and you can't blame WWE for wanting to put him immediately into the Universal Championship picture. So, they did. The problem is, how do you keep his momentum going and not have him win the title? Once the Hell in a Cell match was announced between him and Seth Rollins, fans were salivating at the idea of Bray Wyatt holding a World Championship once again.


WWE tried their best to get themselves out of the corner they painted themselves into by calling the match a No Contest (I think that's what happened? Even now, I'm confused), and tarnishing what was actually a good match up to that point with a pretty stupid ending. So, they had a rematch in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel, where Wyatt eventually won the title.

Here's the thing...

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend is so dang over right now, he doesn't need the title in order to.... you know... be over. There's plenty of ways to kayfabe explain why he lost to Goldberg - maybe he wanted to, it's all part of his twisted plan? Maybe Goldberg figured something out that The Fiend's other opponents hadn't? The fact is, there's nothing that happens in pro wrestling that can't be retconned in a five minute segment on television.

Now without the burden of the championship, Wyatt is now free to explore way more interesting stories. 

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Published 28 Feb 2020, 11:25 IST
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