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5 Reasons why Kevin Owens should win at Clash of Champions

However the Universal Heavyweight Title match ends up, there will still be plenty of unhappy fans

How will the outcome of the Universal Heavyweight Title Match affect Raw and its fans?

The conversation the other day with my friend Colin led to a less than shocking discovery. Events that took place during the fatal four-way match on raw where Kevin Owens was handed WWE's universal heavyweight title could end without anything happening between triple H and Seth Rollins.

Once again another story line without a true ending.

If WWE was smart, it would keep the universal heavyweight title around Owens waste, but as we all know things don't always turn out the way they should. In many cases the wrong move is made, fans question it forever, and there is no resolution. This could be one of those situations. I'm not saying that Rollins is not worthy of being the company champion.

What I am saying is it taking the belt off of Owens now creates more damage that does help in establishing the bread brand's top title. If this was one brand was one title it would be different. In this case, however, triple H has established that he wants one person to hold the title over another, and therefore WWE should move ahead with that plan.

Again that may not happen at clash of champions but it's the thought that I'm going to go with. Here are five reasons why the company that shows a new champion should keep the belt on the new champion.

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