5 reasons why R-Truth retained the US Title


The US Title Open Challenge is back, thanks to R-Truth channeling his inner John Cena. The Mixed Match Challenge winner has been carrying the title for almost a month now after defeating Shinsuke Nakamura and then defending it against Rusev.

The aforementioned duo is now out of the picture and R-Truth was in search of a new opponent. Unfortunately for him, instead of one, he got TWO Superstars in the ring ready to take the Open Challenge – Rey Mysterio and Andrade. The match was made a triple-threat was made official but somehow, R-Truth retained.

Here are 5 reasons why Truth retained the US title:

#5 – WWE are giving R-Truth the push

Truth has been with WWE for over a decade now and he has never really gotten a push. The only time he came close to a one was in 2011/12 when he was a whisker away from winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Apart from a US Title win in 2010, Kofi had just one other title on him since his return in 2008 – the unified tag team championship with Kofi Kingston.

WWE have used Truth as a pure entertainer for the majority of his career and in the words of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he might be just seen as a B+ player in the company. However, the US Title is on Truth for the 2nd time and he is getting the recognition he deserves as an athlete.

It looks WWE are finally giving him that spotlight, first with the Mixed Match challenge win and now the US title. While the push might not last long, Truth is doing all he can to keep the title relevant and also entertain the fans.

Would anyone really complain if he got the push and kept the title for some time? I don't think so.

#4 His first ever successful title reign

Like I mentioned in the previous slide, this is only Truth's 2nd ever singles title in his 10+ years with WWE. The last time he won the US title, he lost it to The Miz, the one he had defeated to get the title, in his very first defence.

Even during Truth's first tum with WWE, back when it was WWF, he won a singles title just once. He defeated Raven to win the Hardcore title but lost it to Crash Holly on the same day. The title's 24/7 rule came to bite him and he could not do much.

Now, with the US title, it would have been too much for WWE to take the title off him so early. But how long will the title be on him? I would say until WrestleMania.

#3 Triple threat was the only to get Andrade vs Rey Mysterio feud going again

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The US Title Open Challenge might be back but it might be out of the window next week itself. The whole 'channelling his inner John Cena' gimmick might be just to this Andrade vs Rey Mysterio feud going again.

WWE have been going with this for some time now but never really had a long term angle to it. Now with the US title in the picture, it might just be the way to take this feud now.

Andrade and Rey Mysterio have been absolutely brilliant in the ring and they have taken each other to their limits. A title feud between the two would be a must-watch for the WWE Universe and it would make the title relevant again.

The Nakamura reign has already been forgotten by the majority of the Universe as he never really had a feud going nor was he defending it regularly.

#2 Keeping the title on Truth till WrestleMania

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WWE need to build up the feud between Andrade and Rey Mysterio again but giving one of them the title straight away wouldn't have been worth it. The WWE Universe loves to see the Mexcian duo have a go at each other and for them to fight it out for an opportunity at the title would be very interesting.

Keeping the title on R-Truth is a short term solution and WWE are actually using it well. They can get him involved in the build it for the feud between Andrade and Mysterio while also having the option of throwing him out completely without making a big change.

Until WrestleMania, Truth will retain the title and it's highly likely that the triple threat will take place once again on the grandest stage of them all but that time, the result might be a lot different.

#1 No plans for the US Title at Fastlane

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WWE are clearly not having a great storyline with the US Title and it looks like that is set to continue. They kept the title on Nakamura for some time and he was hardly seen defending it, not just on SmackDown, but also during pay-per-views.

Nakamura's reign was the best example of the lack of PPV-worthy storyline. He won the title at Extreme Rules but since then, the title was defended in the kick-off show at SummerSlam, no match at Hell in a Cell, Super Show-Down or Crown Jewel, non-Title match vs Seth Rollins at Survivor Series, and again, no US title match at TLC.

At Fastlane, once again, WWE might opt to keep the title off the match card and have a #1 contenders match for it between Andrade and Rey Mysterio.

What do you think of the US Title reigns and storylines? Sound off in the comments section below!

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