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5 reasons why Roman Reigns lost the US Championship

Why did 'The Guy' drop the title to the team of JeriKO?

Here are 5 compelling reasons why Roman Reigns is no longer the US Champion

Until Chris Jericho (and Kevin Owens) claimed it from him, Roman Reigns was the WWE United States Champion. The US Championship is the second most coveted title on Raw (after the Universal Championship), and taking it off Reigns felt a bit surprising.

Perhaps this was only because we are not used to seeing Reigns lose against anyone at all, especially for a championship.

So what prompted this decision? Why did Vince McMahon decide to make Reigns lose the US Championship, going into the biggest Royal Rumble in history? Sportskeeda investigates.

#5 He's ‘The Guy’, not the mid-card guy

Vince probably has bigger plans for Reigns than a mid card title run

It is no secret that even though Kevin Owens holds the most important title on Raw, Reigns just feels like a bigger deal than him because of how both men have been booked so far. Vince McMahon still seems pretty sold on Reigns and believes that he can carry the company into the future.

Owens hasn’t really drawn as a champion, as ratings continue to plummet except when part-timers make an appearance. While the crowd hasn't reacted well to Roman Reigns, he connects with certain demographics of casual fans.

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What we're getting to is this. Roman Reigns may quite possibly win the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. While Reigns gets a negative reaction from the vocal majority of the audience, millions of younger fans and female fans root for him over the more ‘smart mark’ choices.

We suppose WWE wanted to move him from the mid card to the top of the card, and dropping the US Championship was just a way to achieve the same.

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