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5 reasons why Sami Zayn is WWE's next top babyface

WWE are still looking for its next top babyface - when really, he's been under their noses all along.

Sami Zayn
Zayn is set to reach the top of the mountain

For years people have deliberated over who will be the man to replace John Cena at the top of the WWE food chain. The obvious answer seems to be Roman Reigns if you're asking Vince McMahon, but for a long time, the WWE Universe were hoping and praying that Daniel Bryan would be their next hero.

Unfortunately, as we all know, things didn't quite work out that way.

But never fear because there's a Superstar out there who is ready and willing to take the spotlight - Sami Zayn. The underdog from the underground is one of the hottest stars in professional wrestling right now, and it would be a sin if WWE didn't capitalise on his immense momentum.

After all, this is pretty much a Daniel Bryan version two that we've got on our hands.

The stories are similar but their paths will not be because Zayn looks set to shoot straight up to the top of the main event scene. It may take a bit of time in order for him to get there, but once he does it's going to feel so satisfying for his legions of fans. Buckle up Zayniacs, because it's time to begin our journey to either the WWE or Universal Championship.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five reasons why Sami Zayn is the WWE's next top babyface.

#1 Popularity

Zayn’s popularity runs throughout the WWE Universe

In terms of popular Superstars who get strong reactions, Sami Zayn is right up there with the best of them. Throughout his entire tenure on the main roster, there haven't been too many big names that have received ovations like Sami, which is a testament to both his work ethic and his character development in general. In short, the fans love him.

As we all know that doesn't necessarily equal success in the WWE, but Vince has shown in the past that he does listen to fans if they make their voices heard loud enough. Zayn has a passionate following as so long as he stays fit and healthy, that trajectory looks set to continue upwards. Isn't it nice to have a natural babyface for a change?

Onto something that will prove to be quite vital in big matches.

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