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5 Reasons SmackDown beat Raw

Here are the factors that have made SmackDown Live the A-Show!

Here’s how Smackdown managed to turn the tide against Raw!

When the brand split first happened, we thought Raw had the upper hand. They had the more stacked roster, they had bigger stars and heck, they have been the flagship brand for WWE since time immemorial. It was always Raw vs. Nitro. It was never SmackDown vs. Thunder!

SmackDown has had many legends define its course through time, but it has always been perceived as the B-show. Well, until now that is!

Last week, for the first time since the brand extension draft, Smackdown turned the tide and edged ahead of Raw not only in terms of ratings but also in terms of live attendance at the same venue. This victory was also acknowledged on Raw, this week! Raw, not learning from their mistakes, delivered another snoozefest. 

So what caused this massive upset? Let’s analyse the reasons and come to a conclusion for the same.

#5 AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One has carried the blue brand to the finish line

The question that everyone asked themselves over the past decade has been, how would AJ Styles fare if he went to WWE? Well, we have the answer. Not only did WWE put the title on him in under a year, he's pretty much the new face that runs the place. 

With an innate ability to put on a classic match with just about anyone, AJ Styles is a once in a lifetime Superstar. The way he works with everyone on the SmackDown roster, makes them look like a million bucks.

Little wonder then, that fans voted for him as their pick to main event Wrestlemania 33 when WWE put up a poll. He scored a greater percentage of votes than Goldberg, Lesnar, Cena, Undertaker and Reigns. Fans believe in the champ that runs the camp. So, by association they believe in brand blue.

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