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Five reasons why the Fatal 4-Way PPV was actually a decent show

WWE Fatal 4-Way as a pay-per-view has never really been seen in a good light.

Fatal 4 Way
Fatal 4-Way has always been an interesting concept

Over the years WWE have introduced a number of interesting pay-per-view concepts to the WWE Universe, in an attempt to capitalise on some of their most fascinating ideas from back in the Attitude Era and beyond. Unfortunately, not all of these ideas have stuck so well, with the only real success being Money in the Bank, which always seems to be a consistently good show year in and year out.

In terms of our subject topic here today, we're looking at the Fatal-4-Way PPV that took place back in 2010. It was an interesting idea, given that a number of matches were to take place over the years, but it wasn't that well received by critics and fans alike for a variety of reasons.

Some didn't like the fact that they only had a few of the F4W bouts on the actual card, meanwhile, others felt it just didn't warrant a place on pay-per-view. Whichever camp you fall into, when you take out your fan instincts and look at it purely in terms of logistics, it appears to have been more of a success than people initially thought.

So with that being said, it's time to take a look at five reasons why the Fatal-4-Way pay-per-view was actually a decent show.

#5 Bourne beats Jericho

Evan Bourne Chris Jericho
Bourne pulled out a big victory over the veteran

To suggest that Evan Bourne could defeat Chris Jericho in any format may seem ridiculous to a lot of people, but back in 2010 it actually happened. The two had a short feud and a match back at this event, with Bourne actually stunning the world and picking up the victory. He was seen as a potential star in the making back then, but nowadays he couldn't be further away from a return to WWE.

That being said, it was the ultimate underdog match and was booked to perfection to make Bourne look like the kid who refused to give up and continued to persevere. Jericho's cockiness got the better of him, and the storytelling was done in a way that made us feel genuine elation when Evan came out on top. Good stuff, WWE.

From a story revolving around two men to one that involves an entire group.

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