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5 Reasons why WWE ratings dipped to uncharted levels

Alex Mullany
16 Aug 2016, 12:47 IST
What can he do to get the WWE’s ratings back to its former glory?

While the peak of the WWE, known as the Attitude Era has come and gone, most who grew up during that period relive and watch the era that produced The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X, and more. These days, ratings have dropped and changes have been implemented to solve these ailing woes. 

Changes in the New Era included the brand split, Smackdown broadcasting live, and the cruiserweight division returning to name a few. Shane McMahon has also returned to be the Smackdown commissioner while his sister Stephanie McMahon takes up the role as the Raw commissioner.

Listed below are reasons why I believe the ratings dipped to uncharted levels. 

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