5 Reasons WWE's ratings are at record lows

Vince Needs To Change Some Things Up
Vince Needs To Change Some Things Up
Jake Sasko

I watch WWE every week but I'll admit if I wasn't as much of a hardcore fan as I am, I would have stopped watching by now.

WWE has recently hit record low ratings for raw and smackdown so even if you love WWE and enjoy the product, you have to see that something is wrong. Or many things. These 5 things are why WWE is getting record low ratings.

#5 Constant changes

This happens too often
This happens too often

One thing Vince McMahon loves to do is change his mind at the last minute and this is contributing to fans not watching anymore.

If you advertise Seth Rollins defending the universal title against Drew McIntyre you might not tune into the show as WWE don't deliver on half the matches they advertise so why should they trust that they will deliver on this.

It will take time but gaining the audience's trust back for the next 6 months to a year would make fans more willing to watch the show every week.

#4 All The Matches Are The Same

The WWE Style
The WWE Style

Now don't get me wrong, the main roster has had some great matches this year, especially one recently when Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles, but it was the same as every other big match on the main roster.

For instance, on a NJPW show, all the matches are different. Okada will have a long classic title match in the main event, the opener will be a fun tag match, and often someone will get in the ring with Tomohiro Ishii and they will beat the hell out of each other. On a WWE show, all the matches are virtually the same. Everyone has their own big moves but except for that everyone works the same style because everyone is taught it in developmental.

The guys and girls should be allowed to get more creative and different with their own matches

#3 Interview robots


There are many small problems in WWE that add up to make big problems, this is one of them.

Every interview conducted on the main roster is by someone who seems to have no personality and they ask questions like "How do you feel" or "Are you confident". You may think the interviewers are just bland but Dasha Fuentes recently left WWE and if you watch the interview above you can tell she has as much personality as anyone and a bucket load of charisma.

WWE needs to let their interviewers ask real questions and be themselves, stop treating the audience like idiots.

#2 Wins and losses don't matter

A Huge Problem
A Huge Problem

AEW has stated from the get-go that wins and losses will matter more than ever before. WWE doesn't do that.

Someone who lost hundreds of matches in a row Curt Hawkins got into a tag title match and won the titles. Doing things like this makes the prestige of the title as low as it could be. It would also mean WWE would have to stop doing 50/50 booking because doing that is ruining their top stars.

#1 Reliance on older stars

Part-timers can't be relied upon all the time
Part-timers can't be relied upon all the time

The main problem with WWE today is that there is now rating draw. No superstars is that big that they make a significant amount of people watch. The only people that do that are part times.

People like Brock Lesnar and John Cena, as much as I love them, they should be pushed less because as long as they are around, WWE will make no new stars. Because they have no stars, when Cena and Lesnar are gone and retire, they will have literally no one to turn to.

Making new stars is something AEW is trying to do so WWE needs to do this as well because if they don't, in ten years, they will have no one what so ever who gets the fans to watch them over someone like AEW. Vince needs to start doing this right now. It's the most important thing of them all.

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