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5 recent WWE Storylines that didn't go well with the audience

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Monster: Braun Strowman

All things considered, WWE's creative team need to pen material for 156 long hours of Raw, 104 long hours of SmackDown and in any event (utilizing four hours for each show as the standard) 56 long hours of pay-per-view and Network specials this year.

That is a huge amount of portions, promotions, matches and the sky is the limit from there, and it must be tiring for the entire team. 

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Possibly, because of that incredible 316 long periods of crisp substance, it's reasonable why a few storylines in WWE level out as boring or something that fails to grasp the audience's attention and interest. 

For each executioner point we've seen as of late, as Shinsuke Nakamura's stunning foot sole area turn on AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34, there's a flop that leaves fans starting up Twitter for a correct decent groan, or by and large thinking about whether somebody guilefully slipped a few psychedelic drugs into cooking backstage before those imaginative gatherings. 

Keep in mind: everything WWE show is on account of someone thought it was great, and they most likely even figured it'd make the organization some money or pop a decent TV rating. Unfortunately for those good-natured spirits, a portion of the stories they've thought of has added up to nothing. 

Poor endeavors at comic drama and tired contrivances WWE genuinely need to proceed onward as this seems to be a major problem for WWE which is still struggling to find an audience after being in the business for so many years. We look at five such storylines WWE played recently that completely failed to grab the fan's attention.

#1 Braun Strowman's quest to become Raw Tag-Team Champions

Tag-Team Champions
The entire thing was an empty reason to press Strowman onto the 'Lunacy card

The Storyline:


As any mammoth renegade may Braun Strowman chose to enter the No.1 contenders Battle Royal to choose who might confront The Bar at 'Wrestlemania 34 all alone.

After winning, The Monster Among Men played personality recreations with the Raw Tag-Team Champs and wouldn't uncover who his Tag-Team partner for New Orleans was. 

It wound up being a 10-year kid, yet that is not the primary issue here. 

Why It did not go along really well:

Strowman has had a serious 2018 in general. He's won the Greatest Royal Rumble, move toward becoming Mr. "Money In The Bank" and bloomed into one of WWE's best babyfaces.

However, it doesn't modify the reality inventive had nothing advantageous for him at WrestleMania, the greatest show of the year. 

Seeing Braun take on the appearance of "Brains Strowman" and downplay testing Sheamus and Cesaro (who, until that point, had been introduced as extraordinary compared to other tag-groups on the planet) hauled.

The entire thing was an empty reason to press Strowman onto the 'Lunacy card.

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