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5 Refreshing changes made on this week's WWE RAW (30th July 2019)

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31 Jul 2019, 11:50 IST

Brock Lesnar enjoys a breather
Brock Lesnar enjoys a breather

Rumours have been swirling that this week's episode of RAW had the heaviest influence from Paul Heyman yet. If this is true, I doubt fans would be all that surprised.

We were treated to a briskly paced, action-oriented show that was sure to satisfy even the most jaded of followers. There was little to complain about and the Red Brand could be making a turn for the better if things stay on course.

Between the upped tempo in matches, segments that made sense and newsworthy appearances, this felt like the kind of show that is building towards a Big Four pay-per-view. Which is just as well, seeing as SummerSlam is right around the corner.

Here are five major improvements RAW made this week.

#5 More Wrestling, Less Talking

Cesaro showcases his diverse offence
Cesaro showcases his diverse offence

A common criticism of RAW's structure, for what feels like forever, has been in regards to in-ring action (or lack thereof).

We've grown accustomed to the show being broken up by long, repetitive segments where Superstars will hurl schoolyard insults at each other rather than, you know, wrestle.

This wasn't a problem this week. Matches happened frequently and had real meaning to them. Each bout was separated by some backstage antics as a palate cleanser, but it wasn't long before we were back at ringside to enjoy some more physical confrontations.

When working with a three-hour show and such a massive roster, you'd think filling that time with matches would be easy. WWE demonstrated as such by booking plenty of big names in matches that weren't randomly thrown together.


They all built on pre-existing rivalries and progressed stories in the ring rather than on the mic.

It might seem like a given that a wrestling show should have more wrestling, which just goes to show how low the bar has dropped in the last year with WWE programming.

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