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5 Rivalries that will Define WWE's New Era

Tom Clark
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Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Successful pro wrestling companies are built on good rivalries. The hotter the feud, the more attention the product receives. More attention means more ticket sales, which means more money. Soon, fans aren’t paying just to see their favorites; they’re paying to see their favorites win. 

There’s nothing like a five-star feud to bring the best out of a company, and nothing makes the audience happier. It’s a very simple formula, and one that has worked for years in the business. This is especially true of WWE, where the New Era is the wave of the future.

WWE has finally turned the corner on its next phase of evolution, and for many fans, it could not have come fast enough. Gone are the days of John Cena versus Randy Orton and The Undertaker versus Kane.

Those feuds and others, were top notch, but became so played out over time due to WWE not moving ahead with newer talent.

But all of that is changing now, as a new day has definitely dawned for the house that McMahon built. The brand split will bring about huge changes that fans can’t even comprehend at this point, and that makes for a more exciting company.

New is better, and WWE is preparing to prove that now.

But at the root of it all are the rivalries. If compelling stories of talented workers vying for pro wrestling glory are not successfully told via intense feuds, then no evolution will work. New faces can come in and new sets can be built, but the basic formula must exist for it any of it to matter.

Lucky for WWE, there are five key feuds that are ready to successfully define the New Era.

#5 Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Finn Balor

This is not a current feud, but one that should take place in the very near future. Finn Balor and AJ Styles are believed by many to be the next great combo in WWE. After all, how could Balor not join The Club when he debuts on WWE’s main roster? Wouldn’t his addition be a smart move here?

But the truth is there’s more drama in Balor versus Styles than Balor with The Club. Just because they share a common bond from New Japan does not mean they would become allies now. Finn could very well take exception to AJ’s Bullet Club spin-off, and their first face-to-face meeting on WWE programming could be a hostile confrontation.

That confrontation could lead to all-out war, and that war would become the stuff of legend. Styles and Balor are both tremendous talents in the ring, and just seeing them work together would be enough to immediately build an instant classic for fans. 

They’re similar in the ring, as both men are high octane risk takers. They can also both get it done on the mat, and put on a clinic for everyone in the locker room. The story their rivalry would tell will be highly entertaining, and it’s a great choice to headline the new tomorrow of WWE.

It would be the future of the company playing out before the world, and for the first time, that future would not revolve around The Shield. Balor versus Styles is a logical feud that must happen and when it does, it will be over from the very moment it begins.

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